Sunday, April 15, 2007

UK and Scandinavia Counter Jihad Summit

I have just returned to the UK from a very interesting and useful meeting that took place yesterday in Copenhagen. Like minded people came together from a number of European countries as well as from the United States to get to know each other and develop a way forward in the fight against Islamism.

It was refreshing to meet so many people from different countries who shared similar ideals and concerns. Hopefully this meeting will be remembered as the beginning of something of historical importance that will serve to galvanise the counter jihad community worldwide. I hope that this will be the first of many such international meetings and that the next one will have even more countries represented. The struggle against Islamism is global and it is gratifying to see people finally starting to unite in common cause.

Part of the discussions covered a planned event outside the European Parliament in Brussels that will take place later on this year. It is hoped that as many European counties as possible will be well represented at this event so that a clear message can be sent to European leaders that their current approach to dealing with Islamism is not acceptable.

The movement is now up and running, but the best is yet to come.

More information about the Copenhagen meeting can be found on the Gates of Vienna blog:


Zonka said...

Glad you made it back OK :)

Exile said...

Nice post Chris. Congratulations.

Aeneas said...

Thanks Zonka and exile, it was a privillege to meet you both. The meeting was an overwhelming success. There seemed to be instant rapport between participants and it was like a gathering of old friends rather than people meeting, in many cases, for the very first time. I was proud to be among such great and inspiring people and felt very humble in their presence. I very much hope that we will meet again soon and I am convinced that our movement will grow and exert great influence to guide our civilisation back onto the right path.

Anonymous said...

God Bless The Danes.

In America , we really love the Danes. They are not afraid to admit there is a muslim crime wave problem. I hope the rest of scandanavia will follow their brave and proud tradition of standing tall agianst those who oppose freedom.

You Guys ROCK.

In America , we learned the hard way, not to look the other way. 911 changed all that. I hope that you can elect some good people in your country to help resolve the issue.

In America , we hunt em down ,round em up and ship em out. Then we close down the mosques.

This really has helped to lower the crime rate. We already have enough dead policemen , fire fighters and security guards.
from 911. We don't need any more.
Sometimes you have stand tall and fight like a man, even if you do not want too.

The Danes are very cool, and you are always welcome to come visit America. We really respect and love the Danes. We have very cheap prices on beer, and lots of pretty girls, and you are welcome.

DENMARK ROCKS......................


Anonymous said...

If any muslim country ever attacks Denmark. The USA will turn them into a sea of glass. The Danes are our brave brothers. The same go's for Norway. We are still angry over 911 and we not done with them yet. Our revenge has just begun.

Vote , ellect good people, then arrest and deport the muslims, and
dismantle the mosques.

Better to play it safe.

Sam said...

Everything about Islam is considered a crime in the west.

Islam is a virus on the earth.

Delbert said...

Islam Sucks!

Say it.

Admit it.

Islam SUCKS!

Say it loud.

Islam SUCKS!

No other religion has ever been so cruel and brutal in the history of the earth.

In the USA, we got attacked and we are still angry. We will never forget.

Islam is CURSED !

Sam said...

First the muslims invade through imigration. Then they start holding posts in your government.
Then they impose Sharia Law and they kill you. Its real simple.
Just read your history. They are already bullying the British around in their own country.

How embarrasing.

Anonymous said...

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The techniques are broadly based on the Frankfurt School, the University department bought
by the Soviet Union in 1935. The Soviets asked it for the best methods of undermining other
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in Britain since the early 1960’s.

The Frankfurt school recommends political correctness, the teaching of sex and homosexuality
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These techniques have been remarkably successful at undermining local and national government,
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