Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is Islamism A Greater Threat Than The 'Great Game'?

I have just been reading an interesting and thought provoking article in Foreign Affairs entitled 'The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers' by Azar Gat. In this article its author puts forward the notion that the greatest challenge to liberal democracy today is the emergence of China and Russia as emerging authoritarian capitalist states. The threat posed by Islamism is regarded, if I read the article correctly, as nothing more than a side show. I beg to differ on this issue and believe that the author does not understand the threat posed by militant Islam.

I think that the article grossly underestimates the military threat posed by Islamism. Even though it does not posses armies in the traditional sense, it does have a very strong ideology that is capable of undermining liberal democracies from within by exploiting our freedoms and corrupting our elites.

China and Russia do not seek to transform our societies from within and therefore any challenge that they pose can be managed with traditional diplomacy. Those two countries are not currently engaged in open warfare against us (e.g. via acts of terrorism). China and Russia, far from been potential adversaries are in fact part of the solution to our current crisis. Russia has been attacked by Islamists as we saw at Beslan in 2004, and China has its own problems in Xinjiang. Both are therefore potential partners to the West and have common interests with it. A 'Grand Alliance' served us well in World War II, why should it not do so in the 21st century?

China and Russia have not stated that they want to impose their will upon us. However the desire to expand the reach of Shari'a Law and establish a new global Caliphate demonstrates that Islamists do. China and Russia, as far as I can see, want to develop their own spheres and operate according to their own preferences within those spheres and to be regarded as equals to the West. Their is no evidence that they want global dominion and they have not attacked us.

It is time to stop worrying about dangers dreamed up by academics and focus our resources, diplomacy, and military might to tackle those who are committing acts of aggression against us and our way of life in the real world and not a dream world.


Fred said...

You cannot lower the crime rate unless you deport all the muslims.

Raping, killing , bombing, beating and mugging. Selling hard drugs to non muslims in order to kill our youth. Ruining a young girls life by sexual mutilation.

These are all crimes. This is the muslim way and I have had enough.
I will only vote for people who are willing to take a stand and protect us from this sick criminal way of life they call Islam.

Deport the muslims and tear down the mosques. Islam is a CRIME.

mesinus said...

Aeneas, during our decade of debating we've looked at the threats posed from outside upon the west, and at the turn of the Millennium you spoke of the rise of China. Interestingly, one educational expert has advocated the expansion of Chinese language opportunities in the UK. But you're right, that nothing seems to have the same import as the potential of Islamist threat, and I wonder why; my gues is that the Islamist threat has a transcendent dimension the Great Game never had.

And a transcendent dimension to one's motivation to action can only be countered in transcendent terms. Acts of terror in the name of Islamism are real, and saying that we've got to get into the far sides of these people's minds is not soft. The west needs cogent ideas of how its god operates as a backdrop to the action needed to secure our lives.

Perhaps China and Russia areless of a threat because they belong in the human realm exclusively,in the way a transcendent foe doesn't.

mesinus said...

It could be argued that as the scramble for natural resources ignites a twenty first century version of the great game, mankind may get a little desperate to break out of the cycle of repeating history. In other words, it may not be easy to separate off China and Russia into a diplomatic sphere. Human affairs may slide towards transcendent argument. The so called clash of civilisations may be less Islamism v the west and more man v nature, a battle all his religions, secular and otherwise, couldn't win. Islamism v the west is no sideshow,but maybe nothing more than the first, and most crude, encounter mankind has with its limitations.

mesinus said...

Aeneas, you're correct that China and Russia will not seek to change of societies from within. Maybe they could offer us in the west the odd tip though. Percy Craddock, former ambassadorto China, said of the Chinese political system that a man gets food and a job, not political power. That's all most people want here now!

But he's talking in the old diplomatic realm. Islamism is an altogether different proposition. It presents a more immediate relationship to God, and the west needs to disarm those who uphold this creed by some greater sense of Self among its people.

The west cannot just counter such threats by practical action, though that is needed; it needs to create the conditions which help in the withering away of such threats.

Smitty said...

Islam was created so that SATAN might have representation here on earth. In the final Battle of Revelations. The false prophet (MOHAMMED) and the ANTICHRIST (ISLAM) or commonly known as SATAN will be thrown into the bottomless pit and burn forever. ISLAM and SATAN are one in the same.

It is easy to see the deception of Islam in that the whole religion is based on unfairness and cruelty. Iran and Saudi Arabia are perfect examples of Islamic Satanic States.


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Going on a date = torture or death or both.

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Ulf the viking said...

Islam is the most dangerius threat in the world today. Many countrie have been bombed. Some countries have coward, and now they are under Sharia Law. It is time to drive out the muslim hoards, before they kill us all.