Saturday, April 28, 2007

Muslim Group Protests about the UK in British Capital

A group of Muslims protested in London on 27 April and showed where their real loyalties were located (see article in International Herald Tribune). Is this the way that some British Muslims support the defence of Britain, a country that gives them protection and freedom, and seems to pander to their every whim? Such people are standing on British soil, and many probably possess British passports and they have the temerity to complain about the occupation of "their" lands.

The question I ask is why are they not living in "their" precious lands? My view is that they see the UK as a future part of "their" lands but don't consider it so yet because it is not governed by Sharia. It could be argued that places like Iraq are not in fact "their" land either. Islam invaded Iraq and took it over much like, arguably, they are attempting to do here in the UK. Muslims were not a majority when they took over much of the Middle East just like they are not a majority here.

If we continue to support politicians who pander to every whim of Islam and encourage Islamic immigration then Britain, Europe, and indeed North America will go the way of the Middle East. Is that what we really want?

If members of the group of protesters are British citizens then where is their loyalty when they refer to "their" land and when they say "they bomb". It seems clear to me that their loyalty lies with the Umma and not with Britiain. As far as I can see, it is indeed those groups who are occupiers in "our" lands and our misguided leaders are encouraging the colonisation of the West not facilitating western colonisation of the rest of the world as Islamists and letftist seem to maintain. It people do not consider Britain "their" land, then why don't they move and return to the land that they consider their home. At least they would be in a land they call home even though, arguably, that land is a home that their ancestors stole from somebody else.

My message is keep your hands off my home, you can't have it! The UK is not available for a neo colonial "land grab"!

Another EU Crusade Against European Civilisation

I found a link to a Telgraph article on the Talk Veritas Forum. The article is yet another attempt to reduce the defences of European Civilisation by preventing the criticism of Islamism that the EU, it would appear to me, wants to see as the prevailing ideology of the European continent. Defence is the most important function of any Government but the EU Government sees defence as some sort of heresy.

It is, of course, very important to make a distinction between Islam and terrorism, and to seperate Islamism from Islam and individual Muslims. However, I don't think that this is what the EU intended when it issued its 'handbook to undermine Europe'.

Western leaders have failed in their duty to protect us from this expansionist Islamist ideology because of their unwillingness to clearly identify the threat out of a misguided fear of offending the easily offended. This is not a 'War on Terror', it is a war against an exansionist Islamist ideology that will go to any lengths to achieve its goal of creating a global Caliphate. It is necessary to identify that threat before it is possible to first of all contain it and then to totally defeat it.

I think that we are taking a terrible risk in allowing more Muslims to migrate to Europe because the risks of political disintegration far ourweigh the economic benefits. Although individual Muslims are not a problem, Islamist ideologues will seek to co-opt them to their nefarious cause. If Islamist ideology can further develop its foothold in Europe and become more established then its tactics will move away from terrorism.

With greater numbers following Islamist ideology, democracy can be abolished at the ballot box and western freedom can be legally brought to an end. When that state of affairs is reached, those that don't want to live under Sharia law will have a simple choice, surrender or resist. If the latter choice is made then the result will be civil war and fighting in classic pitch battles. The tactics will have changed.

In many regards, those of us involved in the global counter jihad movement are trying to prevent a situation when the only result will be open warfare. We are therefore striving to ensure peace and to prevent a major war. It is very hard to succeed in this noble endeavour if political leaders do not correctly identify the threat. Terrorism is a tactic, but Islamism is the threat.

The EU just seems to want to continue its policy of appeasement and to continue its ongoing mission to destroy Europe by reducing still further the words that can be used to protect it from its enemies. In conclusion, the EU is anti-European and must be dismantled...

HELP STOP THE ROT - see SIOE Brussels Demo 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

Today we see that arguably the most intrepid of British Royals, Prince Harry, may not necessarily achieve his dream of seeing active service in Iraq alongside the men he has trained with. The question I ask is how can he not go?

What kind of message would his absence from the conflict send about the monarchy and Britain's place in the world? We hear a great deal about how dangerous it is in Iraq, a danger that is experienced by a great many servicemen on active duty in that region. We also hear about how Harry's presence could put his men, and for that matter British soldiers in general, at greater risk. This is a truly pathetic position to take and demonstrates a lack of confidence on the part of our armed forces and our country. If anything, his presence could be used to draw out insurgents and thereby help to destroy their ability continue their acts of terroristic barbarity.

There is a wide spectrum of possibilities in war. On the one hand troops could be put in greater danger by his presence, but on the other hand their safety could be enhanced if his presence caused the enemy to make rash decisions and become off balance. The way the situation unfolds would depend ultimatly on the skill and guile of our generals and their ability to win the battle of wills with their terrorist counterparts. Does the Government have confidence in our generals or is it terrified of been put in a postion where it actually has to take responsibility for initiatiting a more robust policy?

Would his capture, injury, or death while undertaking his duty mean that this country might have to actually start taking the situation more seriously. Heaven forbid if the Government had to actually get real about the conflict and put its politically correct, tamberine banging approach to the conflict to one side. The truth is that the rules of engagement for soldiers in Iraq are ineffective and put the lives of our servicemen in unnecessary danger.

If Royals don't go into battle then they should not be in the army, after all it would be easy enough to find a second rate actor to wear a fancy uniform and strut around and this would provide much better value for money. The way I see it, Harry wants to go, he obviously cares about his country. Does the Government care, does it have confidence in the country, does it have courage?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

St George's Day Celebrations

St George's day has been celebrated one day early today - see the following link (hat tip 'Shades of Grey' blog):

It's good to see the English celebrating their culture at last. Us English have been made to feel embarrassed about our great heritage and it is refreshing that people are now celebrating their sense of Englishness despite pressure not to. Is the cultural giant that is England finally stirring?

Political Freedom Under Threat in Sweden!

I found the following a story on the Gates of Vienna blog:

Here are my opinions on th subject:

It would appear that the Sweden Democrats Party is having difficulty securiing a venue for its annual meeting due to security concerns. This illustates how far the rot has set in that country.

It is completely outrageous and unacceptable that a party like the Sweden Democrats do not appear to have the right to assembly in their own county. If Sweden is in fact a democracy then it is outrageous that a legitimate political party cannot find a venue for fear of violent opposition from their opponents.The Swedish authorities should be making every effort to ensure security...or has the rule of law in Sweden completely broken down? What can concerned citizens in other European countries do to put pressure on the Swedish Government to ensure democracy in Sweden? I thought that guaranteeing democracy was one of the conditions for membership of the European Union. Without the right to assemble, democracy is meaningless. I think I will write to the Swedish ambassador to the United Kingdom to complain. I would urge all people who read this to do the same in their own countries.

I have emailed the following to the Swedish Ambassador to the United Kingdom:

Your Excellency

I read with considerable alarm that a political party within your country's borders is having great difficulty in finding a location to have its annual meeting. I understand that due to opposition to the party's political programme many venues fear a violent backlash. Why is this? Has the rule of law completely broken down in you country? If political parties cannot meet then what hope is there for freedom of speech in your country? Your country's government should be ashamed that Sweden cannot guarantee political expression.

It is completely outrageous and unacceptable that a party like the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) do not appear to have the right to assembly in their own county. If Sweden is in fact a democracy then it is outrageous that a legitimate political party cannot find a venue for fear of violent opposition from its opponents.

The Swedish authorities should be making every effort to ensure security...or has the rule of law in Sweden completely broken down in Sweden? I am a citizen of the European Union. I would like to ask a question. Is it safe for me to travel to your country? Will my life be in danger if I upset the wrong people or can the Swedish authorities guarantee my safety? I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully
[Name Supplied]

New English Patriotic Music

The following link is to a duo that, as far as I am concerned, are the authentic melody of modern England:

I wish 'Show of Hands' every success for the future. They're great...

A Video About Islam in Britain

I was sent the following link today about Islam in Britain. I think that it illustrates the frustration that many are begining to feel due to continous government pandering to the Islamic lobby at the expense of other groups in society.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Journalists' Union Shows True Colours

Forget reports of what many see as skewed BBC reporting in favour of 'victim' groups and against the West, we are now beginning to see the full scale of how far journalism has fallen in Britain. The National Union of Journalists (NUJ), the union that represents British journalists, has encouraged its members to boycott Israeli goods.

When organisations such as the NUJ appear to take sides on the issues of the day how can we be certain about the impartiality of the journalistic profession? Journalists are not there to present the establishment view, they are their to challenge it in order to reveal the underlying truth. Can we still trust the journalistic profession to act as a champion of the public interest or are many of their number now advocates of an agenda far more sinister? Is biased reporting making a nonsense out of the concept of the freedom of the press? Is journalistic self censorship beginning to undermine the very fabric of our democracy? It seems that the press has become so corrupted that its value is now in question. Thank goodness for bloggers! and for some journalists...

There is hope though and there are journalists who are opposed to the boycott and are organising against it. It is gratifying to see that there are in fact some true journalists out there who have the nobility to defend their profession and its credibility. I wish such journalistic knights in shining armour every success in their efforts.

Coverage on this issue can be found at and NUJ members can sign up to the campaign against the boycott at:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Future of European Politics

I was very impressed by members of the Danish political party SIAD who I met during my recent visit to Copenhagen. We in Britain have much to learn from this party. All we have in Britain is a choice between the wasted vote option of the 3 mainstream parties and the BNP. This is a very unsatisfactory choice indeed. What is needed is a patriotic middle way and the Danish Party SIAD represents an alternative that I am sure many millions of British voters crave. Is it now time to create a British alternative to SIAD?

The main thing that is needed in Britain in the short term is the coming together of all the non establishment centre right parties of British politics. There has been an expansion in the number of such parties in recent years but what is needed is some sort of framework that will allow some sort of organised coalition to develop. Many think that newcomers to the political scene have no chance of electoral success, but I would disagree. The main parties, in my view, have become so arrogant and short sighted that many ordinary people cannot tolerate them and want an alternative. Big established parties are lumbering giants and will not be able to compete with new lean parties practicing completely new forms of organisation.

Personally, I would like to see the creation of a truly European party (that is one that organises as one party across Europe rather than separate parties operating as a voting block). I think that this would be something new and different and would push the conventional parties off balance because the rules of the game would be completely new. In this way, by its very existence, such a party would not have the disadvantages of being a late comer to the game, and in fact would be in a strong position because it would be able to take the initiative and thereby control the agenda.

What is needed is a European cultural party, a party that promotes and defends the values and virtues of western civilisation and operates independently of national boundaries. Since western civilisation has a broad basis, the party could have a very wide variety of policies based on ideas of technological progress, liberty, and other factors for which western civilisation is famed; this is something that could capture public imagination.

Education policies based upon enlightenment values such as academic freedom would not only be popular but would put our country at the forefront of social, intellectual and technological progress. Industrial policies based on technological innovation would reinvigorate our much neglected industrial base while at the same time benefiting the environment. The encouragement of the manufacture of hydrogen fuelled airliners, non oil based automobiles, and a more considered public transport system would reap many rewards for business and individual quality of life. Universal access to the Internet and email would create savings for business and result in increased inward investment owing to improved infrastructure, as well as increased engagement of individuals in public life.

If such a party came into being, it would be very difficult for reactionary national governments, jealous of political competition, to clamp down on such a transnational political party. If that happened in one country a party branch in exile could very easily be formed, within the framework of the wider network, to continue to speak with a distinct national voice. In addition it would be impossible for the EU to clamp down on a party that by its very existence as a pan European party would demonstrate to virtues of co-operation between citizens of European nations.

We have a unique opportunity, if we organise transnationally, to outflank nationally orientated political parties while at the same time playing the card of European civilisation more effectively that the European Union could ever do.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Demonstration Outside EU Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday 11 September 2007


There is to be a demonstration outside the European Union Parliament on the symbolic date of 11 September. That date, marked a turning point in history when the forces of Islamism made their intentions towards Western Civilisation crystal clear. Many Europeans began to question the wisdom of multiculturalism on that day and we have subsequently been awakened to the gradual Islamisation of our countries.

Evidence for increased Islamisation is widespread but includes: increased demands for special privileges by Islamic groups, erosion to key western rights such as freedom of speech, powerful Islamic lobbies making life difficult for those who want to enjoy traditional European liberty, fear in our institutions of the label of Islamophobia and the consequent erosion of the principle of equality under the law, the misuse of the word 'racism', the deliberate undermining of western values and culture, and so on... The list is much longer and I am sure readers can expand on it and make substantial additions.

Western values are dragged through the mud and derided while Islamic values are promoted and celebrated. Our leaders are too timid and cowardly to confront this issue, perhaps they are too comfortable in their remote towers of privilege. They seem to think only in the short term and will selfishly leave others to sort out the chaos that they drop like litter with every bad decision they make. They bully and cajole ordinary citizens who dare to highlight the danger and make threats to their liberty and livelihoods. There are growing numbers that are completely fed up with this state of affairs and these are not extremists, but ordinary people who have been pushed to far and been forced to surrender too much. Governments across Europe must have their ears reopened and relearn the art of using them; the demonstration in Brussels is an important first step to ensure that this lesson is learned and learned well.

Involvement in this noble endeavour will bring together people from many countries and backgrounds and from a range of political beliefs. Europe is stirring, banners are being unfurled and plans are being drawn up. All Europeans, who value liberty have a solemn duty to make the effort to attend and show the European Union and national governments that enough is enough. It might in fact be their last chance before the sands of freedom finally slip away for ever.

More information on how to get involved in this event can be found at:
SIOE - Stop the Islamisation of Europe

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Riots in Malmo, Sweden

After I returned home from Copenhagen on Sunday I came across the news of rioting in Malmo in Sweden. This had significance to me because Malmo is located only a matter of miles away from Copenhagen and I remember seeing signs for the place while I was enjoying the hospitality of Denmark.There are reports that the riots are taking place in immigrant areas of Malmo, yet the participants are only being described as 'youths'.

It would also appear that the police are not making any arrests which backs up, in my cynical mind at least, that the perpetrators are indeed immigrants to Sweden. If they were native Swedes I would expect many arrests, but not if they were members of protected groups who apparently have more rights under the law of multicultural states.

Such notions might be unfounded speculation on my part, but the existence of 'positive' discrimination means that you are automatically inclined to fear the worst. Positive discrimination is bad for the majority population because it ignores merit and insults the protected groups because people often feel that they are gaining an unfair 'leg up'. I fear that such policies are pushing more any more people into the hands of extremist parties and the elite cannot see the role they are playing in this. This is dangerous and damaging to the cohesiveness of our society.If people feel that they are not treated equally under the law then what does the future hold for civil society?

The Malmo Riots - a report from Sweden

The following is a report from Sweden by an attendee at the historic Counter Jihad Summit held in Copenhagen on 14 April 2007, and illustrates the what we are up against in terms of the mindset of the powers that be. When will our governments wake up to reality and develop policies that are in the national interest? How much more of this nonsence do we have to put up with? How much is this sort of disorder costing our respective nations?:


Riots and stonethrowing in Malmo

On the 14th of April the Swedish police was subject to stonethrowing in the southern city of Malmö (third largest in Sweden). A large gang attacked the police what were filing a police report regarding a man with a sword. The gang, mostly younger people, then started the stonethrowing. At a time, the police backed off (sic!) to "calm down the situation" but, of course, that did not work.

The gang soon got reinforced by more people, and around 20:30 they were around 15 persons in the lower teens. Stones, eggs and glasbottles were thrown against the police. A storage was set in fire and when the firedepartment got to the scene, they too were attacked with stones. Quote from the fire department:

"Because of this [the stonethrowing, edit.] and due to the current violence and disturbances in the area the rescue service will wait for police backup before we enter the area..."
At 23:00 there was two storage facilities that was burning. The fire department went near the scene, waited for a large police force and then put the fire out. Again, the stonethrowing started. No one was hurt, and no arrests were made.

One hour later yet another storage was set in fire. Again, the fire department waited for police backup and due to the stall they had to bring in additional fire units.

A store nearby was also subject to stonethrowing and the police was called in. Again they were attacked. No arrests were made.Please visit the newspaper "Sydsvenska Dagbladet", the largest newspaper in the south of Sweden. On this website you can find the article I have gotten the information from. Please note tha last picture: the "youngsters", as they keep referring to, are all immigrants. The area in question is a highly dense immigration area. The area is called "Rosengård" and Fox News did a story regarding Malmo and Rosengård some time ago.


The riots in Malmo continuesRosengård, an area with a very high immigration population, is yet again on the frontpage as the riots from Saturday continues. On Sunday several storage facilities was set ablaze but the most disturbing thing was that a 17 year old boy was brutally assaulted by a group of 6 "youths" (as described in the local newspaper) that beat him so severely that he is now treated in intesive care in Lund Hospital. The assault took place at 20:30 when two boys was on their way home from soccer practice. The gang concentrated on the 17 year old and his friend got away to alert the police. When they police arrived at the scene they found the boy laying on the ground with wounds to his head. According to the friend who got away the attackers were unknown to them which indicates that this is random unprovoced act of violence. The boy, in critical condition, is sedated and is on life support in a respirator.The police have made no arrests and the motive is unknown.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

UK and Scandinavia Counter Jihad Summit

I have just returned to the UK from a very interesting and useful meeting that took place yesterday in Copenhagen. Like minded people came together from a number of European countries as well as from the United States to get to know each other and develop a way forward in the fight against Islamism.

It was refreshing to meet so many people from different countries who shared similar ideals and concerns. Hopefully this meeting will be remembered as the beginning of something of historical importance that will serve to galvanise the counter jihad community worldwide. I hope that this will be the first of many such international meetings and that the next one will have even more countries represented. The struggle against Islamism is global and it is gratifying to see people finally starting to unite in common cause.

Part of the discussions covered a planned event outside the European Parliament in Brussels that will take place later on this year. It is hoped that as many European counties as possible will be well represented at this event so that a clear message can be sent to European leaders that their current approach to dealing with Islamism is not acceptable.

The movement is now up and running, but the best is yet to come.

More information about the Copenhagen meeting can be found on the Gates of Vienna blog:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yet Another Way to Undermine the Effectiveness of Britain's Armed Forces

The front page of today's free Metro newspaper read 'MoD pays £67m in compensation'. At a time when the effectiveness of Britain's armed forces is under scrutiny this further demonstrates the chaos that seems to exist within the military. We see sailors being captured, then we see them profiting from their stories, and now we see taxpayers money been spent in this way.

I don't mind members of the armed forces being compensated for injury, but large amounts of the money mentioned above now seems to be being spent for damage caused in war zones. This represents yet another thing to distract our armed forces, and yet another to cause hesitation. These sort of considerations can only cause our soldiers, sailors and airmen to hesitate a crucial times and in ways that might endanger their own safety. Furthermore economic efficiency is a key part of fighting and winning wars. If our treasury is depleted the then our ability to defend ourselves is as well. Any money currently allocated to relieving the effects of wars in conflict areas would be better spent ensuring that our forces are well equipped and that injured members of the armed forces are more adequately cared for in the long term.

The Government should take a good look at the way taxpayer's money is being used and if any compensation is to be paid to people in war zones who find themselves adversely effected by conflict then it should come from the United Nations when military action is undertaken under its mandate.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"Nuremburg Style" Rally in Najaf

Today witnessed a "Nuremberg style" rally in the Iraqi city of Najaf, the purpose of which was purely a propaganda statement to bolster the power and influence of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al Sadr. Such toleration of seditious behaviour in Iraq is the very reason for lawlessness and instability in that country.

To treat Iraq like a mature democracy is a mistake. Civil society will never stabilise without order. The freedom to practice the norms of democracy is not feasible in a war zone; this sort of protest should therefore not be allowed. Allowing such protests merely inflames sectarian tensions and fuels the tendency toward civil war. The freedom for the Iraqi people to go about their everyday business in peace takes precedence, at the current time, over the right to protest.

Iraq is not a mature democracy and will not be unless a basic form of stability can be maintained for a long period of time. It is in the interests of democracy and the Iraqi people for the authorities to develop a much firmer approach to disorder, lawlessness, and sedition.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lunacy of MoD Decision to Allow Sailors to Profit From Their Disgrace

The decision of the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) to allow the sailors that were kidnapped by Iran to sell their stories amounts to allowing them to profit from the disgrace of their capture. This is should not something to be celebrated but should be a source of shame and reflection. This decision will, in my opinion, undermine morale in the armed forces and make our military even less effective than they are now. Sailors in a similar situation in the future will have yet another variable to distract them resulting in hesitancy and reduced effectiveness.

It seems, therefore, that this is yet another example of a left leaning political establishment seeking to undermine a military that, as far as I am concerned, they have always appeared to hate. It would still appear, to use a common World War I observation, that the British are still a nation of lions led by donkeys, but with donkeys in much greater numbers than ever before. Our political establishment is leading our nation to its doom.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Will Iran be Punished for its Crimes?

It would appear, from the recent press conference involving some of the recently released British hostages, that the recent act of Iranian piracy (by the revolutionary guard and not by the Iranian navy as mentioned in an earlier post) was not an isolated incident. It sound like Iranians have been robbing merchant vessels for some time.The sad thing is that the UN and the international community will probably not do a thing to punish Iran. The West seems to be held to much higher standards and this is wrong. Subversive states such as Iran should not be allowed to get away with its crimes otherwise it will be encouraged to become a repeat offender.

The international community exchanges international stability for the money that comes from trade with Iran. This is short sighted and irresponsible and demonstrates why organisations such as the UN are of no real use of value. The UN should be abolished and the money that we save should be used to bolster our defences.

Since the international community will be probably be unwilling to take any action against Iran then Britain, in order to restore its credibility, should take the initiative as the injured party in this crisis. Iran should hand over the boats that it has stolen, apologise for its illegal act of piracy and provide the Royal Navy with compensation. If this is not done then Iran should be subject to some sort of sanction by Britain and its allies. Of course I very much doubt that the British Government will suddenly demonstrate a U-turn in its policy of appeasement.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kidnapped Sailors Freed at Last

After much diplomatic wrangling, it would appear that the British captives held in Iran have finally been released. I'm sure that the British Government will view this as a victory, but it is wrong. It is good that the sailors have been released and that their captivity is now at an end. I share the joy of the rest of the nation that this has happened. But this is not a victory, the whole episode has been a humiliating defeat for the United Kingdom, its armed forces, its people and especially for its Government. Iran controlled the situation from begining to end and the British Governement appeared to be no better than a passive bystander.

I hope that lessons can be learned so that this sort of crisis never happens again. This does not mean that Iranian waters should be avoided at all costs, but that rules of engagement and military planning prevent the ignominy of such capture in the future. I certainly do not blame the sailors who were taken, nor do I blame the Royal Navy that didn't have backup in place for the situation that transpired - my scorn is placed solely and squarely on the shoulders of the British Government. We have ridiculous and self defeating rules of engagement in Iraq that hamstring our forces and make them ineffective and in some cases unable to even defend themselves. This is totally unacceptable and our armed forces should not have their hands tied behind their backs by a short-sighted and incompetent Government.

Iran still committed an act of war and the criminals that organised the kidnapping still walk free. Our armed forces stand humiliated and our country is seen as weak and indecisive. I suspect that we will not have long to wait before the criminal regime in Tehran tries something else. The United Kingdom needs to stay vigilant; it needs to increase military spending to ensure that our armed forces are both larger and better equipped. We live in an increasingly unsafe world and our armed forces are all that stand between us an servitude. If we cannot defend ourselves then any other spending is pointless.

Finally the hostage crisis has illustrated why Iran should definitely not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. The British Government must redouble its efforts on this particular issue as we cannot afford to become the victim of nuclear blackmail from the Islamic Republic of Iran. We must maintain a firm stance on this and be willing to wage war on Iran if that is the only way to do this. Anything else is just appeasement and we saw where that lead in the 1930s. Learn the lessons of history!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

British Authorities Prevent Protest Demanding Freedom for 15 Hostages

A protest outside the Iranian Embassy in London should have taken place on Saturday 31 March. The protest was to demand that the Iranians release the 15 British sailors that had been kidnapped by Iranian pirates (also known as the Iranian navy). The police informed the organiser that six days' notice was required for the protest to take place. I'm sure the 15 are really glad about this attitude and quite happy to spend another six days in captivity. The protest was potentially the perfect opportunity for British negotiators to point to the resolve of the British people and that if the hostages were not released then there would be dire consequences for the theocratic regime in Tehran.

The question that comes to mind is do the British authorities actually give a damn about those who are called upon to defend our national life? Do they care about the country that they purport to serve? Britain is ridiculed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its military personnel are held against their will in humiliating captivity. What does the Government do? They just talk! This is appeasement, pure and simple, and also an affront to the dignity of the British state and its agents. Their attitude hardly inspires confidence in the Briton abroad who find themselves in difficulty; if the Government can't even offer protection to servants of the Crown then what hope is there for the rest of us?

There are those that criticise the Government for being to hard in their negotiations with the Iranians. I say that they have been far too soft and that is the reason why they continue to fail and also the reason why Iran continues to heap insult on to injury. The pathetic weakness of the British Government is a shameful embarrassment to the British public. It is now time for the British Government to grow a spine!