Sunday, June 29, 2008

Italy - A Motor of Western Civilisation

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently in Italy. When I visit this wonderful country I think a great deal about the achievements of Western civilisation across many fields. This country was home to the Romans who went on to effectively lay the foundations of our civilisation right across the European continent and to begin the process of creating a civilisational identity. This identity, the European Union now, ironically, seems bent on undermining. Italy was also the cradle of the Rennaisance that reawakened our civilisational greatness and put it on the path of progress. The Western destiny for greatness is now being put in jeapardy by what I see as a sad crop of ineffective leaders who seem determined to destroy the West itself from within its own bastions.

During my time here in Italy, I intend to immerse myself in Western Culture, but Western Culture with an Italian accent. On this cultural pilgrimage I will be celebrating my Western identity. Although our leaders seem to be scournful of our civilisation, I am willing to die for it. I am hopeful that I will have the opportunity to meet with Italian members of our global network who have also come forward to be champions of our civilisation. CVF is begining to grow and develop in southern Europe with relationships being forged and alliances rapidly built up and consolidated. In Italy following the election of the Berlusconi Governement there is now the prospect of a new political begining which I hope will celebrate Western Civilisation and allow our movement to develop far more rapidly in this part of Europe.

This is the land of Roman ingenuity and the cradle of the Rennaisance. Even though I am British I still see the achivements of Italy as the achievements of the West and of the culture to which I am proud to belong.

Opinion for the Day - Betrayal

From San Francisco on the Pacific seaboard to the Judean hills Western Civilisation is being undermined and imperelled by the very people entrusted to defend it. The grandees of the EU and the American anti-Western left are gradually dismantling our civilisational defences and putting wheels in motion that will condemn us to life under an illiberal political tyranny.

Western Civilisation - That is What the Counter Jihad Movement is Really About

I am currently in Italy and hopefully I will have the chance to write a series of posts that I hope will celebrate Italian aspects of Western Civilisation. Those of us in the counter jihad movement must always remember what we are working for. Our aims are to preserve and protect Western Civilisation and ensure that our history and achievements thus far are merley a prelude to more magnificent greatness in the future.

I hope that my posts this week, along with any photographs that I publish here subsequently will act as a reminder of what we are about as a movment.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

British Government Seeks to Introduce Racism into the Workplace

It is official, the British Government is indeed racist because it wants to discriminate on the basis of the colour of a person’s skin. As a result decades of work in the cause of anti racism is being thrown in the dustbin. If someone gets preference because they are a member of a particular ethnic group then that is racism, pure and simple. Many people have supported anti racism legislation because discrimination on the basis of skin colour is damaging to social cohesion and morally wrong. What are such champions of equality to make of the latest government scheme to discriminate against white men? It seems that one form of racism is being fought by instituting a completely new form of racism that is equally unjust.

I am of course referring to the Government’s new Equality Bill, a title that implies that it is designed to create equality. How does discriminating against white men in the workplace constitute a way of ensuring equality. Has the Government completely lost the plot or is it determined to destroy the social cohesion with its latest mad cap parliamentary initiative? This Bill demonstrates that New Labour is now a nasty and discriminatory political force that is determined to impose its nutty and socially divisive ideas on the British public whether they like it or not.

How is a white man supposed to feel if an equally qualified person gets a job that they applied for purely on the basis that they were not white. You cannot change the colour of your skin and therefore you should not be persecuted because of it. Is the government trying to polarise our society? Is it seeking to deliberately set ethnic groups against each other? This Bill is not just wrong it is tragic. All the good work that has been done over many years to convince people that skin colour does not matter is now in ruins. What the Government seems to be saying is that if you are not white you deserve a leg up and if you are white then, hey get used to been discriminated against because it is the new reality.

Applying for jobs these days is a very difficult and frustrating process. Making white men second class citizens is not the answer. People deserve to be treated equally and for our country to prosper the best people need to get the right jobs irrespective of their skin colour, gender or age. It would appear that this Bill, though its intention is probably the opposite, is sending the message that discrimination on the basis of race is okay. As far as I am concerned such discrimination is not okay and this Bill does nothing for the cause of racial equality because it is itself based on racial discrimination.

This is the Daily Mail article that refers to the Equalities Bill and this is what the Daily Express has to say on the issue.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

David Davis Makes British Democracy Young Again

Great Britain is often thought of as a mature democracy, a status that supposedly bestows upon it a certain degree of stability and endurance. New democracies are often regarded as being at greater risk of descending back towards tyranny and oppression, due to the inexperience of youth and lack of accumulated wisdom.

However, today it seems that British democracy has gone beyond the mature stage and is now entering the stage of senility. I would suggest, as memory of the past fades there is a much risk for the return to tyranny as in the more youthful democracies just mentioned. In a democracy in the early stages of development there is great enthusiasm and much emotional energy is put into it and it is often seen as the panacea of all problems. The danger comes when it does not live up to such expectations. Mature democracies have gone beyond this stage. However, when democracy enters old age there is less interests in democratic institutions and as a result they risk crumbling with neglect. The public suffers from political apathy and the elite perhaps see a chance to accumulate more power while the people are distracted with more trivial affairs. I would suggest that the combined effects of these trends make it more likely that senile democracy returns to a state of tyranny.

Recently we saw the reaction of the political and media elite to the principled stand of Conservative MP David Davis over the 42 day detention idea. It seemed that they were stunned, even outraged, by an MP putting principles before career. It was, at least in my opinion, as if they felt that he was letting the side down and making it more likely that the public would begin to expect more principled stands from them in the future.

We have not heard much of David Davis’ stand since the time of his resignation as an MP. Could it be that the media has decided to close ranks in order to conduct a damage limitation exercise lest other Mps follow his example. It is as if they do not want to talk about inconvenient concepts such as English liberty. Could the hidden hand of Common Purpose be at work in the background? After all liberty might get in the way of what has been called the ‘post democratic society’. How could a story of such importance simply disappear?

The lack of concern for liberty is evidence of the transition of our democracy from the mature to the senile stage. The political elite already seems bent on denying the past by attempting to rewrite the history books so that they are in step with its politically correct vision of our society. If you have a lack of awareness of the true nature of your past they you are less able to make informed decisions about your future. A democracy needs to appreciate its history and its traditions if it is to survive and prosper. Denial of uncomfortable truths will inevitably lead to disaster.

If the senility of our democracy is to be effectively treated so that our democracy regains the glories of its past, then there will need to be more politicians like David Davis. There does not seem to be a flood of such champions at the moment, and this is not very encouraging. It might be the case that David Davis can reignite the popular interest in politics? By resigning, he has made a personal sacrifice for the sake of his principles and for the sake of the liberty of his country and its people. For him to succeed however, we must all support him so as to encourage others to come forward to protect and preserve our cherished values and traditions. If this does not happen then I fear that true democracy will slowly disappear and one day the public will wake up and find they no longer have a say in the affairs of the world and it will be too late for regrets.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Over a Barrel One Minute, Over a Solar Panel the Next - The British Government's Love Affair with Saudi Arabia

We are over a barrel with our reliance on oil from the unstable Middle East region. So what does Gordon Brown want - yes, you guessed it he wants us to be reliant on, wait for it, Saudi investment in renewable energy. See this article at TIMESONLINE.

Our over reliance on the Middle East is already a problem and in my view this is compromising our sovereignty and moral integrity. The governments of the Western world already seem to be making too many concessions to the interests of despotic regimes in the region, not least to Saudi Arabia whose human rights record is appalling. Why make the Saudi’s stronger and more influential in the Western world? I think the answer lies in the EU’s desire for ‘Mediterranean Union’ which I suspect they see as a tool to undermine Western culture which they perhaps see as a barrier to their designs for dominion over the people of Europe.

Surely, the British Government can scrape enough money together from within the borders of Great Britain to develop forms of renewable energy without having to go cap in hand to the Saudi‘s. It seems that the Government has no imagination and no real desire to utilise the talents and energies of the British people. British science and British commerce are particularly powerful engines of innovation and surely we are high in the global league table of capability in such areas.

We should have cars that run on electricity, an airline industry that fuels aircraft with hydrogen. If money was invested to develop new industries in such areas we would become world leaders in them. It seems that the Government wants to cripple British talent by not using it.

What concessions has the Government now made to the Saudi’s? How will that effect British national security. Will any concessions mean that British culture and values are undermined and our place in the world weakened? Will a future ‘Britishness test’ soon be based on a person’s command of the Arabic language, how low they can bow to the Saudi Government, and how capable they are at ignoring Saudi human rights abuses?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is the European Union Defying the Democratic Will of the Irish?

Despite the veto by the Irish people, it would appear that the would-be tyrants of the European Union are bent on continuing as if nothing had happened. Not only are they willing to ignore the people of the EU by not allowing a referendum on the subject, they seem equally willing to defy election results of Ireland where a referendum was allowed. How low and anti-democratic can the EU get? They, indeed have no shame what so ever! However, they have clearly demonstrated that they have no moral justification to claim they represent the interests of free democratic society. Just like the Belgian authorities, who violently molested a peaceful demonstration in Brussels on 11 September 2007, the EU authorities seem to have a problem about people disagreeing with their misguided and destructive ideas. How long, on the basis of this evidence will the EU be a fully-fledged dictatorship?

I write as a person who was once greatly supportive of the EU and in fact a member of the European Movement and once attended a Downing Street reception on the basis of my pro EU views. I am still pro European, but am now fanatically anti-EU because I believe that the EU is fanatically anti-democratic. Piece by piece it seems to be dismantling our both our democratic societies and our cherished freedoms that have been painstaking built up over many hundreds of years. The reason I was once pro EU was because I thought it was pro European. What I have seen over the last couple of years has indicated that it in fact has nothing but contempt for European culture, the European people, as well as European traditions of free expression, democracy and enlightenment. The EU must therefore be opposed and we must all stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Europeans in Ireland whose democratic judgement must be respected.

As the EU has now demonstrated that it is against the European people, it is now the responsibility of all European Governments who value freedom to hold referenda, not on the Lisbon Treaty, but on their very membership of the EU. The European Union must be destroyed if democracy and freedom are to survive. The European Union is an anti-democratic rogue state.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oil: The Fuel of Inflation - yet the Government does nothing

The economic crunch now appears to be starting to bite deep. Fuel and food prices are increasing and the cost of living is going up. It seems to me that the official inflation figures do not reflect the actual cost of living and therefore even people who receive pay awards in line with inflation will in fact effectively be suffering pay cuts.

The Government always seems to be blaming ‘global factors’ for the penury that is being inflicted on the people that it is supposed to be representing and it continues its policy of fleecing and spending. Granted the price of oil cannot be controlled by the Government, but reliance on oil can. The Government has had ample warning of the dangers of relying on oil. The 1973 oil crisis showed how vulnerable our society was to reliance on this dirty fuel, often procured from the unstable regions of the world.

The current Government has had the chance to do something about this since 1997 yet we are still over the proverbial barrel. The Government should have had the courage to make energy a number one priority yet it did not. That was a choice by the Government and people are now paying for that choice - literally.

The Government needs to make the transition from the oil economy it most important policy. This is important on the basis both economic and national security considerations. Instead of bullying the public to pay environmental taxes, it should be encouraging business to develop alternatives to oil. There is no technological reason for cars to run on petroleum - alternatives our out there. Hydrogen fuelled aviation has been possible for many years yet has not been developed. I suspect that the global corporations who do not appear to have any loyalty to territorial states want to make as much money out of the oil economy before moving to the next stage whatever consequences result for society. It is the role of government to make them more responsible by providing incentives for moving toward a post oil economy and penalties for not doing so.

The suggestion that we are the victims of global forces and not government incompetence and laziness on this issue is somewhat of a cop-out on the part of our political elite.

Sign a Petition to Support the Irish Vote on the Lisbon Treaty

The Irish voted No! Why does it seem that the European political class seem as though they intend to carry on regardless of what the citizens (or should I say subjects) of Europe think? The arrogance of the EuroElite is stagering, not only do they actively prevent referenda in most countries, when one country does have one it appears that the instrinct of the Europhiles is to ignore the will of the people.

When it was called a Constitution the future Lisbon Treaty was rejected by the French and the Dutch. The powers that be changed a few things round and scratched the word 'Constitution' and did their best to prevent anyone ever having a say about it again. The Irish, due to the wisdom of their own constitutional arrangements, and despite the pressure that was brought to bear on them by the denizens of the EU corridors of power, had the chance to endose that Treaty but they did not. Could this have something to do with the European Union not only being un-democratic but, even more seriously, being anti-democratic? The lack of willingness to take no for an answer clearly displays the European Union's anti-democratic credentials.

There is a petition on the Downing Street website that gives people the chance to express the outrage at such antidemocratic antics. The wording reads as follows:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Respect the result of the Irish referendum and abandon the attempt to ratify the Lisbon Treaty."

The petition can be found at the following URL:

I would suggest that all those who believe in the principles of democracy and freedom sign this petition.

Please note: Deadline 22 June 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ireland Votes for Freedom - Irish People Say No to Lisbon Treaty

A single flag of freedom still flutters over Europe and it is the Irish tricolour. The decision of the Irish people to thumb their noses at the bully-boy tactics of the European Union is an example to freedom loving people everywhere.

Effectively, this is the third time that the EU constitution, in its various guises, has been rejected. The 'Treaty' rejected by the Irish lovers of liberty is reputedly not that different from constitution rejected by the French and the Dutch. The European Union is not just undemocratic it is anti democratic and the people who get the chance to have their say reject it as a tyranny that has been allowed to go much too far.

While the EuroElite panics and tries to think of ways to force the people of our continent into a state of total subservience, European liberty, thanks to the Irish, is given a temporary stay of execution. The Irish have given us all a chance to come to our senses and stop this bureaucratic juggernaut from going any further, before it is too late.

I attended a demonstration outside parliament that was calling for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The turnout, for a country of around 60 million people, was truly pathetic. It was as if the British people did not care what their political overlords did. Many in Britain would vote against the Lisbon Treaty if they were given the chance. However, the Government will not do the right thing because they know that the people do not have the determination to demand that it does so. I do not think that a large enough proportion of the British people have the courage or the will to move their attention away from their hedonism and decadence, even to raise the faintest murmur.

It seems that the British are a broken and demoralised people who lack the foresight to stand up for their own freedom because they want somebody else to do it for them. It would appear that unless they change their ways then they will soon be taking that inevitable walk down the road to slavery and humiliation. It is truly pitiful and, speaking as an Englishman, an embarrassment.

Thank goodness for the Irish who still have the ability to say that word that seems so difficult to British vocal-boxes when faced with creeping tyranny - that difficult to pronounce word is 'No!'. I have resolved to fly the Irish tricolour over my garden for the remainder of this month. I do this as a way of honouring the Irish people for their necessary decision and as a way to demonstrate the embarrassment that I feel about the state of my own country.

I would urge others around Europe to fly the Irish flag as a flag of defiance against those who seek to deprive us of our rights and enslave us. Europeans should do this to send a message to their own governments that the tyranny of the European Union will never be tolerated. It is time for freedom loving people across Europe to stand up and shout the word 'No!' at the EU.

In the Footsteps of Emmeline Pankhurst - Iranian Women Demand Equality

In Iran women are second class citizens and do not enjoy equality before the law. As a result a number of courageous Iranian women have taken up the torch of freedom and have demanded a change to Iranian law. Their campaign is entitled "One Million Signatures Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws".

Like the suffragettes of old, they have been persecuted for their noble efforts and nine activists were arrested on 12 June 2008. The names of those arrested are Aida Saadat, Nahid Mirhaj, Nafiseh Azad, Nasrin Sotoodeh, Jelve Javaheri, Jila Baniyagoub, Sarah Loghmani, Farideh Ghaeb, and Aliyeh Mohtalebzadeh.

The women of Iran are now unable to get the signatures that they need and it is therefore the responsibility of decent fair-minded people from around the world to help them reach their target of one million signatures. You can help by signing the petition that can be found via the following link:


1) Sign the Petition

2) Send a link to the petition with a personal request to sign to all your friends, relatives and contacts.

3) Raise awareness of this important issue via blog posts and blog comments, by making a film for YouTube, by commenting on radio shows or by writing letters to the editors of newspapers, and by talking about the issue, etc.

4) Write to your political representative asking them what they are doing to promote global equality for women.

This will increase the number of signatories and raise awareness of the abuse of women's rights in Iran. It will also demonstrate a potential threat to women's rights here in the West. We need to put pressure on countries of the Islamic world to take the issue of women's rights seriously. The rights of women in the Islamic world seems to be very much neglected in public discourse and this situation needs to change if women are to enjoy true equality, not just in the Western world but across the globe.

Culture is no excuse for the abuse of women!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Difficulties in the Job Market

I was watching regional Look North component of BBC Breakfast this morning, as I usually do each day to see what nonsense is being spouted by the incredibly biassed British Broadcasting Corporation. The story that captured my attention this morning related to a man from Burundi who was being interviewed to illustrate the issue of refugee unemployment.

The coverage appeared to be sugggesting that employers should give greater consideration to highly educated refugees such as the one being interviewed who had apparently sent in hundreds of unsuccessful job applications. Of course, most people will be aware that it is not uncommon for highly educated individuals to endure rejection on such a scale when interacting with the job market. How many graduates do not get jobs in their area of expertise? Why should special attention therefore be given to refugees?

It seemed to me that the underlying idea, though not explicitely stated in the coverage, was that refugees should be given special consideration. An article on the BBC website entitled " Refugee joblessness 'needs tackling' " seems to suggest the need for such an approach. Such an attitude is a symptom of taking the entire world's problems on our shoulders at the expense of dealing with pressing domestic matters such the waste of talent across our society. Why should someone be given a special 'leg up' just because they are a refugee? There are many groups in society that would appreciate a helping hand so why should one group be given special preference?

Fast tracking refugees into employment, in my view, is an example of 'positivie discrimination' and is morally wrong. It is desirable for talented refugees to make an important contribution to Britain and this should be encouraged. However, it is wrong to put them at the front of the queue for lucrative and much sought after employment opportunities. Such a policy is divisive and damaging to social cohesion. Of course, perhaps the Government wants to create a more divided and fractured society. The whole issue of immigration in Europe seems more about destroying European cultural identity and discriminating against Europeans and this story, to me, seems to illustrate this.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Counter-Jihad Vienna 2008: Defending Civil Liberties in Europe - Report from Srdja Trifkovic

Readers of this blog may remember the conference that I attended in Vienna in May of this year.

An excellent article has now been written by Srdja Trifkovic who attended the conference as the keynote speaker. Dr Trifkovic is the author of books such as 'Sword of the Prophet' and 'Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terror May Yet Be Won, in Spite of Ourselves'.

His article reporting on the Vienna conference, entitled 'Defending the West in Vienna' is well worth a read and can be found at the following url:

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Claygate Public Referendum Re: the EU Lisbon treaty

Two public Parish meetings were held in Claygate calling upon Elmbridge Borough Council to allow a Parish poll demanding that the Labour Government honour its Manifesto commitment at the 2005 election to hold a referendum of the British people as to whether or not they wanted to sign up to the EU Lisbon Treaty, which is in all but name, the original EU Constitution that the voters of France and Holland firmly rejected three years ago. Although both Parish meetings held in Claygate village hall were unanimous in calling for a referendum, Elmbridge Borough Council, in its wisdom, declined to hold one. One of the reasons put forward by parish council, Chairman Cartwright, and noted in the Parish Council Minutes of November 2007 was the possible cost, estimated at between £2-3000 for which there was no budget. John Moran, a Claygate resident who had called the meeting, argued that this was a low price to pay for democracy and for the people of this area to have a say in their future when such a life changing treaty was in the offing.

A group of local residents are so concerned by the implications to the future governance of this country that the EU Lisbon Treaty will have upon our lives, our laws, the defence of the country and our futures, and those of our children: we have decided to finance the cost of holding a private poll of the Claygate electorate ourselves and to send a message to both Elmbridge Borough Council and the Prime Minister himself.

By Saturday 7th June, the entire electorate in Claygate will have been leafleted explaining what the poll is about and how to vote at Claygate Village Hall on Saturday 14th June between the hours of 1.00pm to 7.00pm. The vote is open to all residents in Claygate over the age of 16, yes that's right, over the age of 16, even if they are not on the electoral role, but their address will be required for possible verification. The count will be held immediately after the close of the poll and will be supervised by a Returning Officer who is well known and respected in the local community, and the result will be released to the local and national media by our media connections. The local police were asked to provide a PCSO but they declined to ensure the security of the ballot box.

Postal votes can be registered by calling John Moran on 07958 222630 and they will be personally delivered to their home.

Your vote is important - so please use it - the bigger the turn out the more effective is our demand for democratic representation; as promised by our Government to which we have a Legitiment Expectation in law.

John Moran.
1 Lovelace Villas
Albany Crescent
Claygate KT10 0PE
Tel 01372 479799
Mob 07958 222630