Monday, March 09, 2009

Islamists Rattled by Intellectual Pincer Movement from Left and Right

It seems that British Islamists have been rattled by the success of the One Law for All anti sharia march that took place on Saturday. They are coming out with all sorts of hysterical arguments that are trying to deflect attention from the wide spectrum of opposition to Sharia in Great Britain. As the march progressed British onlookers were cheering the participants for their open opposition to sharia and Islamism. People are completely fed up in Britain with the overbearing demands of the Islamists and the associated appeasement of the apparently pro Islamist Labour Government.

Islamism is now being scrutinised from both right and left. Perhaps Islamist activists are now worried that when the Labour Party is voted out of office no one will be there to facilitate their desire for sharia law in Britain. In addition, the emergence of an anti sharia movement on the left wing of British politics will mean that people will be able to pick and choose, in the spirit of our plural society, which brand of anti sharia activism they are most comfortable joining. This democratisation of opposition to sharia is a very good thing. Soon I am sure that there will be a broad political consensus that sharia law is unacceptable and those that remain in favour of it will be consigned to the lunatic fringe of British politics. Furthermore, those who have been awakened to the dangers of sharia by its aggressive promotion in Britain, might be likely to campaign for the end of sharia globally on human rights grounds. Such a move could be similar to the campaign against slavery in the 19th century. Islamists are naturally worried that their dreams for a global Caliphate would then be in ruins. Perhaps when the radicals no longer have influence their might be the possibility of an Islamic reformation resulting from of the sharia debate

Quite frankly I don't care if a person who is opposing sharia is a Marxist; the main fact is that they are doing the right thing by opposing this backward legal code. The secularist opposition to religion in general is not much of an issue either because the only religion that seems incapable of coping with scrutiny is Islam. The adherents of other religions have proved their ability to retain their faith despite scrutiny and criticism. It is as if the faith of some Muslims is so weak that any scrutiny of Islam will cause them to lose their faith. I think the Islamists realise that if Islam is exposed to detailed scrutiny in the West ordinary 'cultural’ Muslims, in the West as well as in the Islamic heartland, will begin to question and ultimately reject it. The efforts of Islamists who are trying to impose Islam on the West are therefore counterproductive to their cause.

I am a member of the international counter jihad movement and have been opposing sharia from a conservative standpoint for some time now. I for one welcome other participants, such as the One Law For All Campaign, in this struggle who have different viewpoints and a different emphasis. The more ideas that are produced to scrutinise sharia the better.


brianakira said...

The people you welcome welcome your destruction!

They are Muslims who demand unlimited Muslim immigration.

They are Muslims who demand an end to the British state.

They are Muslims who demand an end to British liberties.

And you have become such a slave of Islam that you accept it as a normal part of the British landscape. You're incapable of even feeling outrage that these dregs of humanity have the nerve to march up and down the streets of London demanding an end to your freedoms. You think your lucky that their are competing gangs of Muslim thugs that you can choose from.

You have become such a slave that you "welcome them"!

To Hell with all you quislings, cowards, traitors, fakes, phonies, and your slavish kowtowing to your declared enemies.

Absolutely bloody pathetic. You are a disgrace and a shame.

Anyone who sides with either of these invading scheming colonial factions -- the Real Muslims or the Communists -- deserves to die in your own vomit as your nation sinks into the swamp of Islam that you are cursing your children to grow up in!

A pox on you!

Anonymous said...

when ZaNuLab get voted out Cameron will be there flying the flag for the islamists. Anyone voting for the liblabcontrick will be voting for the EU and islam

Aeneas said...

You told me good and proper brianakira. The One Law For All Campaign is opposing Sharia and in Britain we need as many people as possible doing that. As far as I am concerned, the more the merrier. The more people that are opposing the Islamists the more variables they have to think about. That puts them in a much weaker strategic situation.

Kwelos said...

Unfortunately nothing will actually get done, because our dhimmi politicians are paralysed in the face of Islamic aggression.