Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let’s Pretend Politics – This Time From The Conservatives

Conservative Baroness Warsi (see article HERE) has come top of the Muslim Women Power List - an initiative cynical people may see as yet another attempt by the British elite to get people to acquiesce in their plan to gradually transform Britain into an Islamic State. The views of Baroness Warsi are instructive about the attitude that a potential Conservative Government would have with regard to Islamisation.

For instance this Conservative Peer claims ‘I think Islam is a hugely liberating religion for women.’ Talk about rolling on the floor laughing. This shows us that a future Conservative Government will continue Labour’s policy of ignoring the facts and of pursuing fantasy driven policy making.

Perhaps the Baroness belives that the following aspects of Islamic teaching are the basis of a future Islamic feminist movement:

- One man being equal to two women (sura 4:11)
- Women inherit half of what men inherit (sura 4:11)
- Men being able to take four wives but women only being allowed one husband (sura 4:3)
- Wife beating and patriarchy (sura 4:34)
- Women not considered intellectual equals of men (sura 4:98)

Unless these and other aspects of Islam are publically and widely repudiated the meaningless statements of Baroness Warsi and the British Elite Class are nothing other than meaningless twaddle designed to mislead and misinform the British people.

Is the Islam of Baroness Warsi the Islam of the Koran or is it something she has just made up? In a way she is following the example of Mohammed who made up the original but isn’t such innovation forbidden in Islam? I doubt she would be able to argue her case effectively on theological grounds with Islamic scholars Al-Azhar University. It would be great if this apparent new strain of Islamic theology could take hold, but there is no real evidence that it has done so or will do so. Perhaps David Cameron will pioneer a great project if he comes to power – ‘The New and Approved Conservative Party Version of the Koran’ to be read in all mosques across the land as a way of making this vision a reality!

The Conservatives seem to be as out of touch with reality as the Archbishop of Canterbury who also seems to support Islamisation. Islamisation in not desirable and it is not wanted by the British people. The promotion of Islamisation by the Government, the Opposition, and the mainstream media seems to indicate a desire to replace British culture with Islamic culture on the part of the entire British elite class.

Policy making, even by the Conservative Party, must be based on reality if it is to succeed and have value. The evidence we have seen so far is that by electing a ‘Conservative’ Government we would have merely replaced New Labour with Blue Labour!


Exile said...

"..replacing a New Labour with a Blue Labour.."

If it wasn't so true, it would be funny.

Aeneas said...

Thanks for the comment Exile. Great to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

you're running out of options,going to join the patriotic party AKA the BNP?