Friday, March 27, 2009

Luton Respect Our Troops March Cancelled: Has The British Government Ceded Sovereignty Over Luton To The Islamists?

The march in Luton on 28 March has been cancelled. Is it possible that the organisers have been ‘leaned on’ by the authorities? If so this confirms that sovereignty over Luton has been surrendered to the Islamic community. We see how Islamists can get away with chasing the Metropolitan Police through the streets of London and abusing our soldiers on the streets of Luton. But when ordinary British people want to engage in peaceful protest against this sort of aggression all sorts of obstacles seem to spring up. It seems that Islamists can do what they want in Britain but ordinary citizens have their ancient rights taken away from them.

The following video is from LutonLionheart:

I recall restrictions and obstacles appearing when there was the March for Free Expression, another event opposed by many in the Muslim community. That sort of thing angers people. That event was what got me started in the counter jihad movement, and if those restrictions had not been put in place then I might have just gone to the one demonstration and returned home satisfied. But instead 3 years later I am more involved, informed and determined than ever. I suspect that those who were going to the march in Luton will now have had a glimpse of how they are second class citizens in their own country and how Britain is no longer a free and open society. It means that there will be thousands more actively and permanently opposed to our ruling political caste and willing to stubbornly stay in the struggle for the long term.


Anonymous said...

Very moving video, in that it made my anger rise that now today it's ok to call anyone that won't bow down a fascist.
When clearly the Fascists' already hold the reigns in the uk.

While viewing the video and listening to LBC radio, someone said; she'd be attending an anti BNP Demo today in Luton?

My anger and rage rises by the day, we're now denied any outlet for the pressure thats' building.

Aeneas said...

Indeed - the pressure is building and by denying an outlet for that pressure the Government is making the problem that they face much worse.

The important thing is that people's anger and frustration is channelled in peaceful and constructive ways. In many ways it is better for people to organise opposition to tyranny quietly and perhaps more productive.

Before they know it the British elite class will no longer be able to manage events. They will either pretend to abandon their tyrannical ways but no one will believe them, or they will become even more despotic and people will oppose them in even greater numbers. They cannot win.

The elite is now under pressure from the left, the right, and the Islamists. Their lack of courage to defend democracy and freedom has left them in a very difficult situation indeed.