Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Equality Before the Law: Why Was Nathan Draper Arrested While Islamists Are Allowed To Spew Their Hate And Spite In Britain?

Nathan Draper was arrested at the military parade in Luton but the Islamists who were preaching hatred against British soldiers were not arrested. The charges against Nathan have since been dropped but it appears to me that his arrest was motivated by a policy of harassment of any person who feels proud to be British and who is willing to stand up to Islamist bullies. It seems that Islamists are allowed to say just about anything and are encouraged to do so by the media coverage that they are given. It appears that your chances of arrest in Britain are increased if you are not a member of an ethnic minority community. It is about time that equality before the law in Great Britain is restored and we stop appeasing Islamists and their demands for sharia law.

No encouragement of Sharia law should be considered as this sends out a message of cultural surrender and a willingness to tolerate the intolerable. Sharia is a total system and we should not make any concessions to it what-so-ever.

I consider encouragement of Sharia finance to be encouragement of full Sharia law. It is about time that Britain is run for the benefit of the population and not for benefit money grabbing members of the British elite who have created so much economic misfortune for us all. Short term profits should not be allowed at the expense of national sovereignty.

It appears to me that the British Government is introducing sharia norms into Britain and that is the reason why people like Nathan Draper are arrested while Islamist radicals are not.

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