Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UK Government Still Unwilling To Address Ideological Motivations Of Islamic Terrorists

The Government's recently updated counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST 2 (some information about this can be found in a recently published Government leaflet), is yet another example of it putting its head in the sand and hoping that the problem will simply go away. It can’t even call the terrorist threat what it is ‘Islamic Terrorism’ and prefers to refer to ‘International Terrorism’. How can the Government protect us from a threat if it is unwilling even to name that threat accurately?

The Government leaflet states with reference to Al Qa‘ida: ‘They aim to inflict mass casualties and are motivated by a violent extremist ideology, which wrongly uses religion to justify violence.’ (my emphasis added). As Geert Wilders so ably pointed out in his short film Fitna there are many passages in the Koran that incite people to commit acts of violence. Instead of addressing that, which is at the very root of the problem, they choose to ignore this issue completely due to their fear of upsetting the Muslim community. Instead of barring him from the country, the Government should have invited Geert Wilders to Downing Street to ask his advice on a subject that they obviously know very little about.

The Government quotes Sohail Nawaz: “ Islam absolutely does not allow any kind of violent extremism or terrorism, end of story. But you’ve got to have dialogue within communities and between communities; through that dialogue will come understanding – the understanding will take away the fear because we fear what we don’t understand.” Well, that’s a relief, let’s not ask any more awkward questions, Sohail Nawaz has spoken! Is this man an Islamic scholar who can argue this point with members of the Ulema, or his he just reading a Government script? It would be nice if he was right but policy making requires far more substance and the Government seems incapable of providing it. Wishful thinking will not solve the terrorist threat.

The leaflet also states ‘The international problem we face needs international solutions’. Just like with the economic problems under which our country now creaks and groans our Government is blaming international factors in an attempt to abolve itself from making the touch choices that an effective anti terrorist policy requires. Perhaps we need a Government that is willing to take responsibility rather than claim that it is the job of others to solve this serious problem.

The record of the current British Government in tackling terrorism and Islamic extremism is shambolic and a betrayal of the trust that the British public has placed in its hands. The Government’s approach is both naive and self defeating. The Government seems totally incapable of addressing the issue of Islamic terrorism and the tough choices that are needed to defeat it.

I would guess that the Governments updated counter terrorism strategy will involve putting vast amounts of money into the communities from which terrorists come. This could of course be seen as a reward to the terrorists and as a form of tribute that is handed to them by the state that they so despise.

Another pillar of the Government’s plan seems to be based on having stronger borders. However, under New Labour our borders have been more porous than ever before and mass immigration shows no sign of ending. They try to reassure us by saying that ‘Our borders are stronger as a result of new technology’. Of course we all know how successful our Government has been with new technology don’t we? Of course, their use of new technology usually means a Government attack on the freedoms of the rest of us. The Government is trying to get us to believe that because they are using new technology they do not have to develop a detailed and coherent policy that solves the problem. In fact thanks to mass immigration we are probably even more vulnerable to acts of terrorism.

Their continued reluctance to seriously address the ideological causes of the terrorist problem means that their policy is meaningless and will have no real or lasting impact. The Government seems more interested in protecting the feelings of the Muslim community than with seriously addressing the issue of Islamic terrorism. It seems all too willing, instead, to vilify and persecute those who confront the ideological underpinnings of this form of terrorism. We saw how in Luton it was an outraged bystander and not the Islamists who was arrested at the protest there recently and we have seen Geert Wilders barred from the country because he is willing to address the real world situation rather than Government inspired fantasy.

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