Saturday, June 20, 2009

When Islam Is Allowed To Rule - The Example of Iran

Throwing off the Yoke of Fascist Islamism in Iran: People Are Dying And All They Want Is Freedom – This Is What Islam Does When It Is Allowed To Rule!

The fascist Islamist theocracy of Iran is killing people whose only wish is to live in freedom. This is the reason why Islamism must be opposed in Europe and the wider West and why politicians that strengthen the cause of Islam in the West must be opposed. Western leaders who want to negotiate with the Iranian regime are enemies of humanity, they are guilty of sympathising with savages!

WARNING: The scenes in the following videos are very disturbing. But if you are supporter of the political left who constantly criticises the West for things that happened hundreds of years ago you should watch and learn – this is what it means when some non Western ideologies get their way. Watch and learn you anti Western left wing imbeciles! Obama hang you head in shame for giving compfort to this fascist tyranny!




I call on the left to stop criticising the West and to stand up against the evil Iranian regime. The left claim to be liberals, it is time for them to prove it and stand up against their darling Ahmadinejad in Iran.

Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs.

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Fineblogsite said...

It is so good to see people like Geert Wilders winning votes. However, with all evidence pointing to obamam being muslim, I fear for our country.