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Will The Swedish City Of Malmö Become Western Europe’s First Islamic City?

Hat Tip: International Free Press Society


Will such a development make Sweden a happier, safer and more tolerant place?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brown’s ‘Being Snubbed’ Tour: Gordon Enters The History Books For All The Wrong Reasons!

Wherever he goes he is being told facts by world leaders that he could quite easily have gained by talking to people at home. We all know that Gordon has led us to economic and cultural oblivion. We all know that his management of the economy has led us into a state of penury and utter despair. We know that other countries have managed their economies better than we have, saving for a rainy day rather than giving money away to the Third World, to pointless left wing projects, to Islamists that want to undermine Britain, to grasping bankers, to bureaucracy, and to many others that are too numerous to list here. Gordon sold our gold at rock bottom prices and sold our county at the whim of Saudi Arabia. If not incompetent, Brown is certainly the bearer of bad luck and bad policies.

In Chile he was told that they made provision while he made none, and in Brazil he was confronted with the racist rantings of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. I dread to think what he was told in Argentina, where he was being buttered up to giving away the Falkland Islands.

Brown is friendless and isolated on the international stage. He has gone looking for friends and found indifference to his plight. He thought other leaders were as stupid as him but he has discovered the truth, that no leader in the world is as stupid as him. He has discovered that he is the most accident prone and incompetent Prime Minister that Great Britain has ever had.

Historians will write about his shortcomings for generations and children will laugh at his example in their schools. If he wanted to be the epitome of what not to do as Prime Minister then he has succeeded, in fact he has exceeded expectations. Congratulations Gordon on a job spectacularly botched in the grandest way possible! I bet you wish Blair was back! Well, time to enjoy wallowing in failure – you’ve made the history books in spectacular style.

Time to come back home Gordon where you can be politically booted by your own press and your own people. Bad to have you back, Gordon Brown – Failure and traitor!

International Civil Liberties Alliance Newsletter: 28 March 2009

The International Civil Liberties Alliance Newsletter has now been published and can be found HERE.

Give Away Gordon: Will The Man Who Gave Away Our Gold Give Away The Falklands?

The freedom of the people of the Falkland Islands was bought at great cost in treasure and blood. Is Gordon Brown about to continue his tradition of giving away all that Britain has built up and give away the islands and their people to Argentina? Gordon ‘Jonah’ Brown, the worst Prime Minister in British history, is visiting Argentina today ahead of the G20 summit. He says that Britain will not give up the Falklands (see this article from The Telegraph) but he also said “We will not put hard won economic stability at risk. No return to short-termism. No return to Tory boom and bust” and “the Tories used to say a Labour government meant recession and unemployment” at the Labour Party Conference in 2000. He certainly appears instinctively to have the desire to give up British territory if the situation of Gibraltar is anything to go by.

Brown appears to have wanted to give away Gibraltar and its people to Spain in the same way as he appears to want to give away Britain and its people to the Islamic Ummah. He seems to think he is a medieval monarch who can give away parts of his domain at the slightest whim. In the case of Gibralter, Brown’s Labour Party still seems determined to give up the strategically important Rock of Gibraltar despite the wishes expressed by Gibraltarians in a recent referendum (see this article from The Independent).

Not content with effectively giving away our gold and losing billions of quid in the process, he gave away 30 million quid to the Hamas voting Palestinians, 50 million quid to the Peoples Republic of China, and more recently has given away billions of quid to greedy banking sector.

He has also given away billions to the bottomless pit of the European Union and its corrupt bureaucracy. In fact he seems eager to give away our sovereignty by not honouring his party’s manifesto commitment to have a referendum on the EU constitution (the Lisbon Treaty is a constitution in all but name). Under pressure from Islamists, Brown and his party have effectively given away something even more precious, our right to freedom of expression and our right to live in a free society.

What will ‘Give Away Gordon’ give away next?

ADDITION: After first publishing this post I found a related short film that I have included below:


Dan Hannan On Newsnight (27 March 2009)


In the clip they were discussing the way anger caused by pent up frustration when people are not able to express themselves either at the ballot box or more generally in society.

As far as I can see real democracy is dead in Britain! It seems that the three main parties are all bought and paid for by the “New World Order” and a vote for any of them is a wasted vote. There might be some good politicians in the Conservative Party, but the leadership seems to be committed to business as usual rather than the change that people crave and the freedom that they demand. It therefore seems that any Briton who wants change has no other choice but to vote for any party so long as it is not one of the “Big Three”. What is needed is a revolution in party politics and voting for the smaller and leaner parties that actually generate ideas and solutions is the only way to resuscitate democracy in Great Britain. As things stand a vote for Labour or the Conservatives is a wasted vote and a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a fool’s vote.

We have seen also how popular protest has prevented political expression. Heresy laws, also referred to as “hate laws” have stifled political debate and undermined our central value of freedom of expression. We have seen how certain favoured groups are allowed to demonstrate but others who go against the policies of the elite class have all sorts of obstacles and restrictions placed in their path.

It is time to vote for non establishment parties and repeal all legislation that prevents freedom of expression. It is time to repudiate any international agreements that have undermined free expression and national sovereignty. It is time to replace the United Nations with an alliance of democracies. It is time to reform NATO so that countries that share our values such as Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand can join the alliance as full and active members. It is time to abandon all politicians who do not put the interests of our democratic civilisation first.

Cologne: 31 March 2009 – Anti Islamisation Film


Friday, March 27, 2009

Luton Respect Our Troops March Cancelled: Has The British Government Ceded Sovereignty Over Luton To The Islamists?

The march in Luton on 28 March has been cancelled. Is it possible that the organisers have been ‘leaned on’ by the authorities? If so this confirms that sovereignty over Luton has been surrendered to the Islamic community. We see how Islamists can get away with chasing the Metropolitan Police through the streets of London and abusing our soldiers on the streets of Luton. But when ordinary British people want to engage in peaceful protest against this sort of aggression all sorts of obstacles seem to spring up. It seems that Islamists can do what they want in Britain but ordinary citizens have their ancient rights taken away from them.

The following video is from LutonLionheart:

I recall restrictions and obstacles appearing when there was the March for Free Expression, another event opposed by many in the Muslim community. That sort of thing angers people. That event was what got me started in the counter jihad movement, and if those restrictions had not been put in place then I might have just gone to the one demonstration and returned home satisfied. But instead 3 years later I am more involved, informed and determined than ever. I suspect that those who were going to the march in Luton will now have had a glimpse of how they are second class citizens in their own country and how Britain is no longer a free and open society. It means that there will be thousands more actively and permanently opposed to our ruling political caste and willing to stubbornly stay in the struggle for the long term.

Hannangate: BBC Begrudgingly Refers To Hannon’s Attack On Labour Policies – But The Coverage Was Not Fair And Balanced

Begrudgingly and through clenched teeth, like a naughty child who has been caught in the act of doing mischief, the BBC has finally, though obliquely, reported on Gordon Brown’s talking to at the European Parliament. However, the BBC was not very convincing in its placing of the fig leaf designed to cover its grotesque and partisan bias. HERE is a link to the coverage.

The whole effort of the BBC programme was an effort to rubbish the story, belittle the efforts of bloggers and avoid addressing the issues raised by Mr Hannan. The words used by the presenter illustrate this rather well: “we want to talk about a certain little speech”, “take a look at this little clip”, and refer to the speech as “an attack on Gordon Brown” rather than what it was – and attack on the misguided and disastrous policies of Gordon Brown. Also the way they wheeled out former New Labour spin doctor Derek Draper indicates that they were keen to burry this story rather than discuss the issues and the failures of the Labour Government.

The coverage came on an out of the way BBC 2 programme and with reference to the bloggers who broke the story rather than on the issues raised by Hannan. This clearly demonstrates how the BBC acts arrogantly as the mouthpiece of the political establishment rather than an organisation operating in the interests of the British people. The BBC slithers and slides to hide all news that is likely to harm the political interests of the elite. It was the news item that had real merit and not the efforts of bloggers to bring the actual news to the attention of the public. However, the one thing that the bloggers have demonstrated is that the BBC cannot be trusted to report the news from a neutral perspective. It seems that it is BBC policy not to give the oxygen of publicity to people, groups and ideas that it does not agree with. As far as I am concerned the BBC is up to its ears in the subversion of our democratic system. The notion of balance coverage by the BBC, which extorts money from the public via a television tax (euphemistically known as the “Licence Fee”), has been a laughable notion for many years now.

At the very end of the programme Andrew Neil seems to say, if I heard him correctly: “we can now say that the BBC has run this” as if there was no merit in the original story and that by depicting the story as they did they are absolved from their duty to report the news. This speaks volumes about the contempt that the BBC has for those who pay for is existence. The BBC is scared of the blogosphere because it will put journalists who are unwilling to report the news out of work. Draper seems to be frightened of the right end of the blogosphere because it is highly organised and he and his socialist friends have not yet found a way to censor it.

The BBC’s grudging coverage of this issue and the contempt and disrespect that the eventual coverage showed to Mr Hannan, British bloggers, and indeed the British public demonstrates clearly why the television tax should be permanently abolished.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Czech Government Collapse Is Beginning Of End For Lisbon Treaty

Already the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, is trying to bully the strongman of the Czech Republic, President Vaclav Klaus, into submission. His efforts are doomed to failure and the Lisbon Treaty will be consigned to the dustbin of history, just where it belongs. Due to these changed circumstances the EU will be less able to cajole the Irish to vote yes to the Treaty in its second referendum. I suppose pro EU forces could try to force a third referendum but the Czechs may end up with an anti EU Government and refuse to ratify this undemocratic treaty themselves. New Labour is on the way out in the UK and the British people might finally get the chance to vote against this subversive Treaty. The future does not look rosy for the EU and its gravy train.

Far from having an ‘obligation’ to ratify the Treaty, the Czech President has the obligation to let his own people decide whether they want to surrender their national sovereignty and bow to EU tyranny. This may be an alien concept the EU oligarchy but it is the way things are done in democracies. The Czechs’ experience under the Soviet yoke has shown them what to look out for when tyrants are on the prowl and they will recognise the Lisbon Treaty as a mechanism to create a new evil empire.

Europe should be run by its people not by oligarchs in Brussels and the EU must be made into a democracy if it has any role to play in our future. The tyrants must be opposed and defeated and a new democratic European order brought into being.

Hero Hannan’s Mauling of Brown Puts Him On The World Stage

News of the political mauling of incapability Brown by MEP Dan Hannan has now reached the mainstream Media and spanned the Atlantic Ocean, but I still haven’t seen any coverage on the unbalanced BBC.

The Telegraph headline reads: ‘MEP Dan Hannan's 'Brezhnev apparatchik' attack on Gordon Brown is a YouTube hit’ and the article includes the following video coverage:

He has appeared on the Glen Beck programme in the United States, footage of which is now on the Internet (see video from 3rdworldinvasion2 below):

During Hannan’s blistering rebuke of the Prime Minister all Brown could do was grin, as if he thought the destruction that he has wrought on Great Britain was something to laugh about. In so doing he has demonstrated his utter contempt for Britain and its people. The ‘Laughing Destroyer’ of the Britain’s economy and culture has demonstrated his complete unsuitability to govern and his inability to provide realistic solutions to problems that he helped create. Why should we listen to this fool any more, every time he opens his mouth he has words of failure running from his lips and dribbling down his chin?

When will our pro Islamist, pro EU, pro oligarchy, anti freedom and utterly incompetent Prime Minister do the honourable thing and retire from public life, and take the rest of his traitorous party with him?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UK Government Splits With Muslim Council of Britain - But The Damage Has Already Been Done

It would appear that New Labour' has finally split with its long standing Islamic partner – The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). The Guardian on 23 March used the words ‘suspends links’ but the Daily Mail on 25 March says ‘cuts ties’ which perhaps indicates that differences could not be resolved. This split indicates how temporary the interests between Islam and socialism really are and how naive the Government has been.

I doubt that the Government, that bases its policies on wishful thinking and daydreams, will learn its lesson. I suspect that this breakdown of relations is just a temporary ruse to stop people criticising the Government for its open complicity in the Islamisation of Britain. If this is not the case the Government should publically state that its long association with the MCB was a serious mistake and apologise to the British people. It should also offer guarantees that it will not associate with such organisations in the future?

It now appears that the MCB now considers itself strong enough and confident enough to do without its alliance of convenience with the infidel socialists. This is why it refuses to censure its members who openly support the terrorist group Hamas. Such a refusal comes as no surprise to those of us in the Counter Jihad but I am sure that the news is devastating to idealists in the Labour Party who will now feel used and dirty.The Government’s policy with regard to the Islamisation of Britain is now in a shambles, but like the arrogant rulers of the past it will undoubtedly refuse to acknowledge its mistakes and will go on to weaken and damage the country still further.

Let’s Pretend Politics – This Time From The Conservatives

Conservative Baroness Warsi (see article HERE) has come top of the Muslim Women Power List - an initiative cynical people may see as yet another attempt by the British elite to get people to acquiesce in their plan to gradually transform Britain into an Islamic State. The views of Baroness Warsi are instructive about the attitude that a potential Conservative Government would have with regard to Islamisation.

For instance this Conservative Peer claims ‘I think Islam is a hugely liberating religion for women.’ Talk about rolling on the floor laughing. This shows us that a future Conservative Government will continue Labour’s policy of ignoring the facts and of pursuing fantasy driven policy making.

Perhaps the Baroness belives that the following aspects of Islamic teaching are the basis of a future Islamic feminist movement:

- One man being equal to two women (sura 4:11)
- Women inherit half of what men inherit (sura 4:11)
- Men being able to take four wives but women only being allowed one husband (sura 4:3)
- Wife beating and patriarchy (sura 4:34)
- Women not considered intellectual equals of men (sura 4:98)

Unless these and other aspects of Islam are publically and widely repudiated the meaningless statements of Baroness Warsi and the British Elite Class are nothing other than meaningless twaddle designed to mislead and misinform the British people.

Is the Islam of Baroness Warsi the Islam of the Koran or is it something she has just made up? In a way she is following the example of Mohammed who made up the original but isn’t such innovation forbidden in Islam? I doubt she would be able to argue her case effectively on theological grounds with Islamic scholars Al-Azhar University. It would be great if this apparent new strain of Islamic theology could take hold, but there is no real evidence that it has done so or will do so. Perhaps David Cameron will pioneer a great project if he comes to power – ‘The New and Approved Conservative Party Version of the Koran’ to be read in all mosques across the land as a way of making this vision a reality!

The Conservatives seem to be as out of touch with reality as the Archbishop of Canterbury who also seems to support Islamisation. Islamisation in not desirable and it is not wanted by the British people. The promotion of Islamisation by the Government, the Opposition, and the mainstream media seems to indicate a desire to replace British culture with Islamic culture on the part of the entire British elite class.

Policy making, even by the Conservative Party, must be based on reality if it is to succeed and have value. The evidence we have seen so far is that by electing a ‘Conservative’ Government we would have merely replaced New Labour with Blue Labour!

Incapability Brown: Gordon Brown's Incompetent Leadership Exposed by MEPs

The following videos show Gordon Brown hearing a few home truths. However, I don't recall seeing this footage on the news. Is the media there just to support the three main political parties and cover up their embarassment?

Hat Tip for the first video: Guido Fawkes' blog



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Islamic Anti-Semitism in Malmo, Sweden – Is this the future of Multicultural Britain?

The following video from benneboer is entitled CBN: Malmö, Sweden: Growing Muslim Influence:

UK Government sets up a new ‘Dad’ Army’ to combat terror

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Bin Laden? The British Government has mobilized an army of shopping centre staff against you, and don’t worry – they will not mention the Jihad! You’d better watch yourself while you are doing your weekly shop though, these people have been given the best training the British Government can provide and are 60,000 strong. You won’t be stopped at the border though, but at the check out by an operative fully trained to read your bar code. I bet you are now trembling in your boots at this latest cunning plan!

As part of this tough new approach to terrorism in Britain I am sure that millions of pounds will be invested into Muslim communities and no one will be able to mention any religious motivations of you and your confederates.

Are you ready to give up yet Mr Bin Laden?

UK Government Still Unwilling To Address Ideological Motivations Of Islamic Terrorists

The Government's recently updated counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST 2 (some information about this can be found in a recently published Government leaflet), is yet another example of it putting its head in the sand and hoping that the problem will simply go away. It can’t even call the terrorist threat what it is ‘Islamic Terrorism’ and prefers to refer to ‘International Terrorism’. How can the Government protect us from a threat if it is unwilling even to name that threat accurately?

The Government leaflet states with reference to Al Qa‘ida: ‘They aim to inflict mass casualties and are motivated by a violent extremist ideology, which wrongly uses religion to justify violence.’ (my emphasis added). As Geert Wilders so ably pointed out in his short film Fitna there are many passages in the Koran that incite people to commit acts of violence. Instead of addressing that, which is at the very root of the problem, they choose to ignore this issue completely due to their fear of upsetting the Muslim community. Instead of barring him from the country, the Government should have invited Geert Wilders to Downing Street to ask his advice on a subject that they obviously know very little about.

The Government quotes Sohail Nawaz: “ Islam absolutely does not allow any kind of violent extremism or terrorism, end of story. But you’ve got to have dialogue within communities and between communities; through that dialogue will come understanding – the understanding will take away the fear because we fear what we don’t understand.” Well, that’s a relief, let’s not ask any more awkward questions, Sohail Nawaz has spoken! Is this man an Islamic scholar who can argue this point with members of the Ulema, or his he just reading a Government script? It would be nice if he was right but policy making requires far more substance and the Government seems incapable of providing it. Wishful thinking will not solve the terrorist threat.

The leaflet also states ‘The international problem we face needs international solutions’. Just like with the economic problems under which our country now creaks and groans our Government is blaming international factors in an attempt to abolve itself from making the touch choices that an effective anti terrorist policy requires. Perhaps we need a Government that is willing to take responsibility rather than claim that it is the job of others to solve this serious problem.

The record of the current British Government in tackling terrorism and Islamic extremism is shambolic and a betrayal of the trust that the British public has placed in its hands. The Government’s approach is both naive and self defeating. The Government seems totally incapable of addressing the issue of Islamic terrorism and the tough choices that are needed to defeat it.

I would guess that the Governments updated counter terrorism strategy will involve putting vast amounts of money into the communities from which terrorists come. This could of course be seen as a reward to the terrorists and as a form of tribute that is handed to them by the state that they so despise.

Another pillar of the Government’s plan seems to be based on having stronger borders. However, under New Labour our borders have been more porous than ever before and mass immigration shows no sign of ending. They try to reassure us by saying that ‘Our borders are stronger as a result of new technology’. Of course we all know how successful our Government has been with new technology don’t we? Of course, their use of new technology usually means a Government attack on the freedoms of the rest of us. The Government is trying to get us to believe that because they are using new technology they do not have to develop a detailed and coherent policy that solves the problem. In fact thanks to mass immigration we are probably even more vulnerable to acts of terrorism.

Their continued reluctance to seriously address the ideological causes of the terrorist problem means that their policy is meaningless and will have no real or lasting impact. The Government seems more interested in protecting the feelings of the Muslim community than with seriously addressing the issue of Islamic terrorism. It seems all too willing, instead, to vilify and persecute those who confront the ideological underpinnings of this form of terrorism. We saw how in Luton it was an outraged bystander and not the Islamists who was arrested at the protest there recently and we have seen Geert Wilders barred from the country because he is willing to address the real world situation rather than Government inspired fantasy.

Respect Our Troops - in Luton on Saturday 28 March 2009


Monday, March 23, 2009

Lars Hedegaard Speaks about the International Free Press Society

Video footage from: wannanotv

A Tale of Two Speeches

The first speech by President Obama and the second one by President Reagan (before he became President) show how far America as sunk into the pit of appeasement. Reagan's speech was about peace through strength. Obama, on the other hand seems to think that peace can be achived by surrender. Which sort of peace would you prefer, the peace of freedom or the peace of slavery?





Sunday, March 22, 2009

International Civil Liberties Alliance Newsletter: 22 March 2009

The International Civil Liberties Alliance Newsletter has now been published and can be found HERE.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will the Tories Openly Oppose Islamisation or Will the British People Have to Find a Party that Does?

I recently read THIS at the site. What is this dude trying to say? It appears to saying that Muslims do not get their way in Great Britain then they will turn nasty and become terrorists. Surely not, I thought Islam was a religion of peace! For the Muslim Council of Britain to be suggesting otherwise is truly shocking – I have to lie down and administer a double brandy to myself from the shock of it all!

Such threats may frighten the timid British Government but they do not scare me. I do not have multiculturalist theories to prove, theories that all the evidence suggests are abject and total failure. Surely it is time for New Labour to admit that its policies have failed and release their grip on the reins of power. This is of course assuming that the Islamisation of Britain is not their master plan. I think that it is in fact their master plan to make Britons second class citizens in their own country! I think that the treason of the British Government knows no bounds and I am worried that the Conservative Parties silence on the issue of Islamisation indicates a support for it – I hope that I am wrong.

Why aren’t the Tories making political capital out of New Labour’s obvious treachery unless they want to continue such a policy when the power behind the scenes deems that it is their turn to form a government? If the Conservatives continue to remain silent on this issue then it is obvious that they are all for Islamisation and will do nothing to stop it.
It would appear that if the Tories do not reassure the British people in time for the next General Election that they are committed to opposing Islamisation, then the British people will be forced to either form or join a party that is?

Video About the Army Parade in Derby

The following video from EnochPowell2008 puts in video form the story about the Army parade in Derby reported here on Beer n Sandwiches:

Islam Questioned

The following video from AbrogatingIslam is entitled 'Questions and answers about Islam':

Friday, March 20, 2009

Respect Our Troops March is to take place in Luton on 28 March 2009

It would appear that this demonstration in favour of our troops is a response to the outrageous behaviour of Islamists at a military parade in Luton recently. It would be great to see a large turnout to support our armed forces at this event that I read is being organised by ex squadies.

Our Government pushes our armed forces around the world but does not seem willing to support our soldiers when they return home.

[Update: I am informed that the time of March will be 12:15pm to 3:15pm in Luton Town Centre]

A video about the Durban II Islamic Fascism Conference in Geneva – from Pat Condell

The following video from patcondell entitled ‘Free speech is sacred’ relates to the forthcoming UN Conference that intends to institute global heresy laws to protect sensitive Islam from criticism.

As far as I am concerned any attempt to curb free speech by the United Nations amounts to a UN declaration of war on humanity.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sheik caught on Australian “Mosque TV” but it is all the result of ‘a trick in this film’

This is not a scene from Candid Camera, Noel Edmunds is not going to present a ‘Gotcha Oscar’ and Jeremy Beadle is not about to appear in a policeman’s uniform from behind a minaret and say ‘You’ve Been Framed”. This is CCTV footage from an Australian mosque that appears to show Sheik Taj din al Hilali, of ‘uncovered meat’ fame vandalising his own mosque. When confronted with the footage he seems to put forward a conspiracy theory to explain it away. I am sure that ‘out of context’ will ultimately appear in his defence.

Hat Tip: Gates of Vienna
With thanks to Nilk and Vlad Tepes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Equality Before the Law: Why Was Nathan Draper Arrested While Islamists Are Allowed To Spew Their Hate And Spite In Britain?

Nathan Draper was arrested at the military parade in Luton but the Islamists who were preaching hatred against British soldiers were not arrested. The charges against Nathan have since been dropped but it appears to me that his arrest was motivated by a policy of harassment of any person who feels proud to be British and who is willing to stand up to Islamist bullies. It seems that Islamists are allowed to say just about anything and are encouraged to do so by the media coverage that they are given. It appears that your chances of arrest in Britain are increased if you are not a member of an ethnic minority community. It is about time that equality before the law in Great Britain is restored and we stop appeasing Islamists and their demands for sharia law.

No encouragement of Sharia law should be considered as this sends out a message of cultural surrender and a willingness to tolerate the intolerable. Sharia is a total system and we should not make any concessions to it what-so-ever.

I consider encouragement of Sharia finance to be encouragement of full Sharia law. It is about time that Britain is run for the benefit of the population and not for benefit money grabbing members of the British elite who have created so much economic misfortune for us all. Short term profits should not be allowed at the expense of national sovereignty.

It appears to me that the British Government is introducing sharia norms into Britain and that is the reason why people like Nathan Draper are arrested while Islamist radicals are not.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freedom of Speech, Islam and the United Nations

The following video from victimlesscriminal entitled 'UNfreedom of Speech' discusses the United Nations approach to free speech:

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few Thoughts About The Conservative Party

While the Conservative Party would likely show more reverence to British culture and tradition, I very much doubt that it would adopt any meaningful restrictions on immigration and consequent Islamisation. I would guess that the economic impulses of the Conservative Party would actually result in increased immigration as a way of reducing labour costs.

The Conservatives are traditionally the party of big business, but will they put the economic interests of the financial heavyweights before the long term interests of the country? I few extra quid today if we are under sharia law tomorrow.

I hope that they Conservatives focus more on their patriotic tradition and less on short term economic expediency. I look forward to them presenting clear policies in the run up to the next General Election that will make it clear that they are against the Islamisation of Britain.

Will they do this?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

International Civil Liberties Alliance Newsletter: 15 March 2009

The International Civil Liberties Alliance Newsletter has now been published and can be found HERE.
The International Civil Liberties Alliance is the new name for the Center for Vigilant Freedom.

Roman Style Triumph Through the Streets of Derby

The streets of Derby heaved and throbbed today with people who were proud our armed forces and proud to be British. The crowds were so vast and pressed into narrow streets that soldiers could only just pass through the grateful public.

It was like a Roman triumph, as grateful citizens offered their thanks and respect to their conquering heroes. I suspect that many of the soldiers involved in the parade were taken aback by the adulation and by the numbers of grateful citizens packing the streets.

It would appear that the Islamists who so disrespected our boys in green in Luton have unleashed the true spirit of the British people who are naturally patient but when pushed too far are magnificent. The passion of the people who lined the streets today was magnificent, and their affection for the British armed forces was very moving.

The British people have begun to take the first tentative steps back to self respect and pride in their history, traditions and achievements, as British values were reasserted and renewed on the streets of Derby today. I suspect that the next parade that takes place in Great Britain will be even bigger as more an more people see such an occasion as an excuse to celebrate and assert national identity and national pride. These events are a joy for citizen and soldier alike.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Did The Army Send A Subtle Signal To British Islamists In Derby Today?

The Army procession began under the shadow of Derby’s Islamic Centre. Perhaps this was done to provide “moderate” Muslims, who love the British State and its armed forces, with the opportunity to show their affection. However, I for one did not see any banners or signs being waved saying “Real Muslims for the British Army”, “Muslims Say Thanks For Protecting British interests In Iraq” or “British Muslims Love The British Army”. It appears that the opportunity to demonstrate fealty to Britain and opposition to sharia law has been well and truly missed. Why is that? At least we didn’t see any organised assembly of the “extreme” Muslims, perhaps they were warned off by their friends in Whitehall who realise that the public mood will not tolerate continued Islamist nonsense. Personally I think the decision was a subtle warning by the British army itself to the Islamists and their friends in New Labour.

There were a few Muslims about, though I did not identify any supporting the parade, and a group of them gave me a bit of hassle, saying something about by camera. They stared at me for a while in an aggressive manner but I ignored them as their views are of no consequence to me. In any case it must have been quite galling to them to see that army that many of them despise as an enemy force present in their area of Derby.

In many parts of Europe it has been reported that there are so-called ‘no-go’ areas that even the police are afraid to enter. British Muslims who feel that they can undermine British sovereignty in such a way should think again. I suspect the army was sending the a subtle signal today that any ‘declarations of independence’ will never be tolerated. The Islamic Centre in Derby and indeed any in the Islamic centre or mosque in the country is on British soil and subject to British law.

The red-capped squaddies were accompanied by a regimental band and a couple of small tanks. Perhaps the choice of starting point for the procession was not an accidental. Could it have been a subtle assertion of sovereignty by the British Army. After all, it was the British armed forces that “honoured” King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by serenading him with the Darth Vader theme from the Empire Strikes Back.

Afterthought - is that Inayat Bunglawala in that video?

Derby Defies Islamism: Army Given Heroes Welcome

The shameful scenes of Islamists trying to undermine our armed forces on the streets of Luton were not repeated in Derby, and it appears their efforts have backfired. Today the patriotic people of Derby thumbed their noses at the Islamists and came in their tens of thousands to salute the heroic British soldiers. I heard people commenting that the people who had turned out in such large numbers were the silent majority, though they were not so silent on this occasion. The cheering crowds made their respect for the British Army loud and clear.

For too long has Islam had a disproportionate voice in policy making under New Labour. For too long the British Government has bowed and scraped at the feet of Islamic interests and demands and the British people are sick of it, especially as such policies are against the interests of the majority. I think that the Luton episode has acted to galvanise the British people against Islamisation and suspect that many turned out to today’s event to demonstrate this. They are beginning to rise up and shout the word ‘No!’ is a single, clear and resounding uncompromising voice.

The Islamists do not support Britain and the Government should not let them influence policy making. The people do not want Western culture to be replaced with Islamic culture and they want Common Law, not Sharia Law. If the Government continues to defy the will of the people then it is politically doomed.

I recently read that the Ministry of Defence had conducted some sort of survey as to whether soldiers would be willing to fire on their own people on the streets of Britain. I doubt that British soldiers would follow such orders made by a Government the majority of them hate and against the army’s most ardent supporters. I suspect that the Government would get more that it bargained for if it issued such an order.

The British people have had enough of pro Islamic policies and it is time for politicians of all parties to take note.

Army Procession in Derby on 14 March 2009 - Photographs

Friday, March 13, 2009

If we are to secure real peace in the Middle East then we do not need a two state solution but a multi-state one

Like many ‘isms, Zionism means very different things to different people. My own view on this concept is one that sees Zionism as a pro Western intellectual movement that has a focus on the Jewish traditions that are embedded at the core of Western culture. In this sense Zionism can be regarded as a pro Western movement designed to counter the effects of Islamic expansionism and cultural imperialism. What I call the ‘Zionism Project’ has applicability as an instrument of Western policy making in the whole greater Middle Eastern region.

When the British Empire encouraged the development of Zionism in the nineteenth century it was seen by some as a mechanism to expand the sphere of Western progress into the Middle East. The ultimate creation of the state of Israel in 1948 shows how successful this policy was. Israel is now a Western style democracy that is effectively the most advanced productive and tolerant state in the Middle East. It has created a multi ethnic state but one that has unifying principles that bind these various components together. People who currently live in Israel come from all over the world including Orthodox Russia, Christian Ethiopia, Islamic Egypt and many parts of Western Europe and North America. This is a direct product of the pro Western Zionist Project.

The principle weakness of the British Imperial Zionist policy was that those shaping British grand strategy did not appreciate its full applicability as a pro Western revolutionary movement. The Zionist principle should really have been applied to other people who were subject to Islamic cultural imperialism within the British Empire. For instance the Copts of Egypt, the Assyrians of Mesopotamia, and the Dinka of the Sudan. All of these had, and indeed still possess, the potential for non Islamic statehood.

The Two State ‘Solution’ or partition of the State of Israel that has been proposed by representatives of Islamic cultural imperialism is against Western interests and would undermine the progress that has been made in the region. A two state solution gives respectability to the idea that the Islamic empire is the correct status quo in the region and to the idea that interests of minority groups do not have to be respected. It is primarily designed as an assertion of Islamic hegemony in the region. Its aim is to weaken Israel in much the same way as the seizure of the Sudetenland weakened Czechoslovakia in the run up to the Second World War.

The reason the Islamic world has felt so threatened by the Zionist project is it knows that it represents an idea that will eventually result in a decolonisation movement across the Islamic world as other subject peoples follow the example of the Zionists of Israel. Now is not the time to abandon people in the Middle East who have the desire to live in progressive states.

Instead of constant cultural retreat and appeasement in the face of Islamic resurgence, Western policy makers should be developing strategies to expand the reach of Western culture. This will mean opposing the two state solution in favour of a multi state solution that gives self determination to all subject people of the Islamic empire. Instead of undermining it in the heartlands of Western Civilisation they should be expanding its influence so that more members of the human family can enjoy its products and its freedoms. As an engine of human progress, Western Civilisation has its best years still to come. With wise leaders and a new self confidence this assertion will become a reality.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need For Unity In Opposing Sharia Law

I write this in response to people who have criticised those who have participated in a march organised by Iranian communists. I also write in response to those who have criticised the strategies that have been adopted by the Centre for Vigilant Freedom (CVF). There are a wide variety of people from various cultures and political viewpoints who oppose Islamisation and Sharia law.

CVF members have no problem with attending marches that are organised by Iranian communists. The Iranian communists are correct in their opposition to Sharia law and have direct experience of it in action. I might not agree with these brave activists on many aspects of their work but they are right on sharia. I welcome the presence of immigrant communities in Britain who are willing to stand up in favour of our most cherished freedoms and respect our traditions. I have great respect for them in their opposition to Sharia and hope that they will integrate fully into British society and contribute to our national life. Their focus appears to be on human rights and civil liberties issues which is also the principle focus of CVF. If they change track and start acting against the liberties that my country has bequeathed to the world then I would cease to support them. I spoke to some of the Iranian activists on the day of the demonstration and I liked them and see them as brothers and sisters in the struggle against Islamic extremism. They are standing up to be counted in their adopted country in ways that the vast majority of natives seem unwilling or are afraid to do. I hope that the Iranians that I met opt to become British citizens rather than return to Iran, we need them and their willingness to defend core British values.

When I entered the counter jihad movement I was still a member of the Labour Party and my ideas were certainly on the left of the political spectrum. My motivation for getting involved was the issue of free expression in the aftermath of the Danish cartoons. I resigned from the Labour Party in disgust when it seemed to abandon its traditional commitment to free expression. My own motivation and that of CVF is to prevent the Islamisation of the Western world. We have an uphill battle because so many of our politicians appear to be acquiescing with the process of Islamisation and there are so few people willing to stand up and oppose it. Our most important consideration is to stop the Islamisation of the Western world. It appears that some people have mistakenly regarded the “alliances” that CVF has established as being alliances with the ‘far right’. As a former activist in the British Labour Party I can understand such concerns but they are completely unfounded.

As a CVF leader I was personally involved in the delegation that was sent to Brussels to meet with Vlaams Belang. I am sure readers will remember that this party was the one that created the most concern to Little Green Footballs. I felt that Vlaams Belang were opposing Islamisation and deserved to at least be given a hearing, this was why I agreed to our face to face meeting with various members of the party leadership. As a recent left wing activist I had my misgivings but as a fair minded person I am always willing to give people a hearing. As CVF we were concerned about some of the accusations that had been made against Vlaams Belang but wanted to make our own assessment of the situation.

My own concern, as a Gentile Zionist, was that Vlaams Belang were against Israel and the Jews. On the basis of our meeting and the detailed questioning of Vlaams Belang officials that took place I was, and still am, convinced that Vlaams Belang are friends of the Jews and willing and eager advocates of the state of Israel. In many regards the Flemish separatists who currently do not have a country to call their own have much in common with the Israelis who founded the Jewish state.

On the basis of our meeting with Vlaams Belang, at which I was one of 3 CVF leaders, my own recommendation was that we worked with Vlaams Belang who were willing to provide logistical support to the conference that we eventually organised in the European Parliament. In this regard, I am personally responsible, at least in part, for the blog war that erupted with LGF. Nevertheless, I am still convinced that the decision to work with Vlaams Belang was the right one and that the charges levelled against them were completely unfounded. In my opinion the mudslinging that has been orchestrated against them was more to do with their desire to split the artificial state of Belgium than with any other considerations. It seems to me that there are powerful people who would lose out if such as split took place and who are willing to resort to underhand tactics to protect their fiefdom. This is not to mention the model that Belgium provides for the EU and the people who have much to lose if that particular gravy train collapses.

I look forward to working with those from all cultures who oppose Islamisation and Sharia law. I have derived great satisfaction from working with people from varied backgrounds and perspectives and feel that our struggle against Islamism will ultimately bring people together and be for the ultimate betterment of humankind and for the proliferation of tolerant and humane societies in all parts of the world.

Royal Anglian Regt. Homecoming Parade Luton 10/03/09

The above video is from: lutonloyal

Pat Condell Speaks Out In Favour Of The British Army

The following video is from patcondell is entitled 'A word about the soldiers':

Hat tip: Gates of Vienna

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Britons Furious at Muslim Protest During Army Homecoming - Chase Them Away

It seems on this occiasion that the Islamist mob was confronted by ordinary people who were outraged by the Islamists' disrepect towards our brave armed forces. This demonstrates how fed up ordinary British people are with the Islamist lobby.

Islamist Colonisers Lash Out At The British Army

Yet another Islamist mob was unleashed on the streets of Britain yesterday, this time the target of their aggression and disrespect is the British Army. THIS story at Times Online suggests that further similar activities are likely.

It is outrageous how our brave soldiers have to put up with the antics of this traitorous fifth column who are allowed to preach the overthrow of the British state and the way of life that it represents. Why are Islamists not put on trial for treason when they preach the overthrow of our way of life and attempt to undermine the country and its institutions?

Demonstrations such as this recent one against the very troops who defend our country and its interests demonstrates that the Islamists are here to colonise rather than become British and integrate. Why else would they continue to reside here if our country is so offensive to their precious beliefs that always seem to be offended by many aspects of our culture?
It is very hard to believe that they are making a moral stand as pacifists against the excesses of war. I suspect that if an Islamic regime was conquering and non Islamic neighbour they would be all for it. It appears that Islamists like nothing in our country and want to change it in accordance with the philosophy set down by their Prophet in the seventh century. The Government is guilty of dereliction of its duty when it does nothing to stop such attacks on the British State. The Labour Government’s lack of willingness to tackle Islamism suggests that it either supports the idea of Islamising Britain or it is incurably weak and incapable of generating solutions. Either way it is time for them to step down and stop damaging the country. Pandering to the demands of Islam does not prevent extremism, but, as we have seen very clearly, encourages it.

The Islamists oppose the efforts of our troops because the British army is not a Muslim army. They protest against our troops because they hate Britain, the British, and the British way of life. They are loyal to the Islamic world and not to Britain. They do not seem to regard Britain as their home when they call for British troops to be withdrawn from ‘their’, meaning Islamic, lands. How soon will it be before they want British troops banned from Britain itself? Islamists appear to appeal on the basis of their British citizenship when they are in Gitmo, but when in Britain they appear to be busy at work trying to subvert the British state and they know that they will be allowed to get away with it. Islamists are loyal to Islam not to Britain and their continued determination to stay here suggests that they may in fact see themselves as the vanguard of an invasion.

As Islamists from some of our former colonies begin to colonise Britain one begins to ask the question of whether the British people are entitled to a country to call their own. Britain has the right to a foreign policy that is independent of Islamist bullying. Our foreign policy should be based on the British national interest and not on the interests of the Ummah, and that is something that Islamist agitators need to understand.

The British people do in fact have the right to a homeland where they are able to live according to their own traditions and values without constant demands to give them up. If people migrate to Britain without the resolve to adapt then they are colonists and a serious threat to the British way of life. To come to a country with the expectation that its people adapt to your way of life is to come to a country as an invader. Great Britain has a long and proud history or successfully resisting invasions. Islamists should therefore not test the patience of the British people. If they want to live in an Islamic state then they need to focus their greedy eyes elsewhere.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Islamist Blueprint for Britain

The following video from illegalizeReligion is entitled ‘ISLAMIC TAKEOVER COUP IN THE UK’

Monday, March 09, 2009

Video Footage From The One Law For All Anti Sharia March

The following footage from Britcitcouk is entitled ''One Law For All' procession through London, March 7th 2009':

One Law for All Anti Sharia Demonstration: Coverage in French

If people want to read some of the coverage of the demonstration in French it can be found at: Bivouac-ID

Contrasting Demonstrations

Compare and contrast the photographs of the One Law for All demonstration with Islamist behaviour captured in the following footage at one of the Gaza protests:

The above YouTube video is from: coulmbo

Islamists Rattled by Intellectual Pincer Movement from Left and Right

It seems that British Islamists have been rattled by the success of the One Law for All anti sharia march that took place on Saturday. They are coming out with all sorts of hysterical arguments that are trying to deflect attention from the wide spectrum of opposition to Sharia in Great Britain. As the march progressed British onlookers were cheering the participants for their open opposition to sharia and Islamism. People are completely fed up in Britain with the overbearing demands of the Islamists and the associated appeasement of the apparently pro Islamist Labour Government.

Islamism is now being scrutinised from both right and left. Perhaps Islamist activists are now worried that when the Labour Party is voted out of office no one will be there to facilitate their desire for sharia law in Britain. In addition, the emergence of an anti sharia movement on the left wing of British politics will mean that people will be able to pick and choose, in the spirit of our plural society, which brand of anti sharia activism they are most comfortable joining. This democratisation of opposition to sharia is a very good thing. Soon I am sure that there will be a broad political consensus that sharia law is unacceptable and those that remain in favour of it will be consigned to the lunatic fringe of British politics. Furthermore, those who have been awakened to the dangers of sharia by its aggressive promotion in Britain, might be likely to campaign for the end of sharia globally on human rights grounds. Such a move could be similar to the campaign against slavery in the 19th century. Islamists are naturally worried that their dreams for a global Caliphate would then be in ruins. Perhaps when the radicals no longer have influence their might be the possibility of an Islamic reformation resulting from of the sharia debate

Quite frankly I don't care if a person who is opposing sharia is a Marxist; the main fact is that they are doing the right thing by opposing this backward legal code. The secularist opposition to religion in general is not much of an issue either because the only religion that seems incapable of coping with scrutiny is Islam. The adherents of other religions have proved their ability to retain their faith despite scrutiny and criticism. It is as if the faith of some Muslims is so weak that any scrutiny of Islam will cause them to lose their faith. I think the Islamists realise that if Islam is exposed to detailed scrutiny in the West ordinary 'cultural’ Muslims, in the West as well as in the Islamic heartland, will begin to question and ultimately reject it. The efforts of Islamists who are trying to impose Islam on the West are therefore counterproductive to their cause.

I am a member of the international counter jihad movement and have been opposing sharia from a conservative standpoint for some time now. I for one welcome other participants, such as the One Law For All Campaign, in this struggle who have different viewpoints and a different emphasis. The more ideas that are produced to scrutinise sharia the better.

Is Opposition to Sharia Law Racist?

There is a very amusing thread on the MPACUK site with regard to the anti sharia demonstration that took place yesterday in central London. When Muslims begin calling Iranian communists racists then it shows that this argument is being worn very thin. People who oppose Sharia are not racist but whoever seems to stand up in opposition to it, be they leftwing, rightwing, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, Zoroastrian, Hindu or Sikh, get that ubiquitous label. They think that by applying this appellation they are absolved from coherent argument.

Well, it appears that even people on the left are waking up to the reality that it is not racist to oppose Sharia and that by claiming that it is undermines the noble fight against real racism.
Sharia is a total system and an alternative to secular law. It is also a manifesto for government. As a total system its barbaric aspects cannot be divorced from it, they are part and parcel of its underlying reality.

Sharia demands respect for Muhammad, but what many Muslims seem completely incapable of understanding is that in an open and free society people are not obliged to follow sharia norms and are not compelled to show respect to a man Muslims regard as holy. It is a clear demonstration of intolerance when Muslims demand that others follow sharia norms. Why should people who believe that Mohammed just made the Koran up be obliged to show respect to a man who they regard as a con merchant peddling ideas for personal gain. Why should they follow sharia that is derived from the ‘teachings’ of such a man when they regard him as no better than a seller of snake oil. People are not obliged to show respect to those they believe are unworthy of it.

The MPACUK thread seems to suggest that opponents of sharia are picking on Islam specifically because they do not show the same concern about Beth Din courts. The meeting in Conway Hall did in fact make it absolutely clear that the One Law for All Campaign was opposed to all religious courts. Indeed many secularists spend a great deal of their time criticising Christianity.

Personally I would say that I disagree with the organisers on a variety of issues. I am a Zionist, though I very much doubt that the organisers of the event are. I see Geert Wilders as a hero who has made massive sacrifices to fight against Islamist tyranny, though I am sure that many of those involved with the One Law for All Campaign strongly disagree with me. I also have no problem with Beth Din courts but I would expect that secularists do.

In fact before Islamists started pushing sharia I had never even heard of them. Perhaps that is because Jews do not go out of their way to impose their religious beliefs on others. In any case Beth Din courts just apply to Jews whereas sharia law has universalist pretentions. Islamic ideology aims to make sharia the law of the whole world. Furthermore Sharia incorporates non Muslims into its framework. That means that non Muslims, in the final analysis, are subject to sharia law. The position of non Muslims under the sharia system is one of second class status and inferiority. Perhaps that is why many people who share my views tend to voice more concern about sharia than Beth Din.

Surely MPACUK could seek the advice of some Islamic scholars in order to put together something better than erroneously labelling people as racists. The approach of some commentators on their site, in my view, is truly pitiful. It would appear that someone needs to put together a coherent rejoinder to the charges that have been levelled against sharia law.